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These Iconic Nokia Games Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

These Iconic Nokia Games Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Do you still remember when all we had was our Nokia keypad phone? Back then, we had no idea how advanced technology was going to be in the future. Despite its limited features, we had so much fun with these little devices. My cousins would even go crazy with getting the latest song as their ringback tone and changing their phone cases with different designs. We would even attach phone straps on them, which came back to trend recently. For sure, I’m not the only one whose favorite is the games!

At that time, these games brought absolute joy to our lives. Without load, we can’t text or call anyone but these pre-installed games are the aid for our boredom. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we listed for you some of the iconic Nokia mobile games that made our keypad experience memorable.


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Bounce was first featured in Nokia 9210 Communicator which was released in 2000. In this game, the red ball that we control needs to pass through all the hoops while avoiding the candles and the spiky moving objects. It has 11 levels and like other games, the higher it gets, the obstacle becomes tougher. I’m sure you know that reaching level 11 is not a piece of cake so if you did, you must be really good at it! It also comes with very distinct sound effects that some of you might still remember. Hearing it automatically takes me back to the good old days.

Space Impact

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This game was first experienced by users of the Nokia 3310; the most iconic model of this brand. The graphic of Space Impact isn’t colorful but that doesn’t make it less exciting. It is a shoot ’em up game where you’ll get more and stronger opponents as your score gets higher. You know the battle is intense when you are pressing your keypad harder than you should.

Beach Rally

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Let us also not forget Nokia’s racing game Beach Rally, released in 2003. This is just ordinary car racing but considering it was almost two decades ago, we can still appreciate its graphics now. Good thing there’s a way for us to enjoy this kind of game on our small phone screen, without the need to go to an arcade.


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I’ve never been to a bowling center but I can say that I’m good at it because of this mobile game. Kidding aside, this one got me hooked when I was young, not knowing I was not really in control of the ball. Still, this is way better than any bowling app available today. Not to mention, there are no pop-up ads!

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Last on this list, but definitely not the least is Snake, the legendary Nokia game. No matter how tricky and sometimes frustrating it is, this game was highly addictive, making it everyone’s favorite. It was released in 1997 and Nokia recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Nice to know it’s still around and we can still relive the great memories we had with it.

Once in a while, it’s nice to look at the past to appreciate what we currently have. It could also be the other way around. Certainly, the world has tremendously changed both for good and bad. With the vast source of entertainment that we have now, I’m amazed at how these simple games gave us joy. It is indeed a blast from the past.

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