The OA’s Best Mindfucking Scenes Ranked

Mysterious, Horrifying, and Mindblowing. Netflix’s The OA crashes the stereotypes of science-fictional stories. From excellent plots to twisted stories that reflect how life could be full of miracles. And these unbelievable things happen the least you expect them to.

Bagging the 2019 Radiotimes’ Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy show, The OA by Netflix proves to be a top-lister. It also features a wide variety of casting and unprecedented backstories. And after watching it, we will have to rank the best mindfucking scenes from the show.

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Top Mysteries of The OA Ranked

The Blind Girl

Starring Prairie Johnson, Brit Marling plays a blind girl in the show. Prairie originally came from a prosperous Russian family and suffered throughout her life with her condition. And after a miserable fortune, she lost wealth and was eventually adopted into an American family.

The dark world of Prairie changes when she starts seeing things. Triggered by a near-death accident, she realized that what happened was a gift for being blind. Even with her disability, she could witness unimaginable stuff outside of this reality.

Moreover, this blind girl went missing for a while after her travel to the lake in New York. And she miraculously returned home to her foster family. Besides that, she regained sight again, yet suffered bruises on her back and shoulders.

The Vintage Mirror

The OA herself went missing again after gaining some friends. Her comrades from home learned that Prairie needed help. And so they start finding clues on how to release The OA in the hands of Dr. Hunter Aloysius.

Prairie’s friends were composed of a young bully boy and a bisexual, closeted boy. Also, a transman and an old teacher back in her old school. They were all unique and different, yet Prairie inspired them to work together unconditionally.

Meanwhile, in search of clues, they discovered an old mirror in a thrift shop. This reflecting device then gave them goosebumps, for they all felt the presence of The OA inside. Later on, they performed this weird dance that opened a dimension that was so unreal.

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The Final Walk of The OA

Finally, here we are to the most horrifying scene from the show. Critics all over the world noted this final scene as one of the proofs of how brilliant the performance is. This particular scene happened during the last seconds of the final season of The OA.

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With Prairie losing hope as her love Homer’s soul merged into her enemy, she has no choice left. She has to save Dr. Hunter, who kidnapped her to protect the soul of Homer possessed inside. Later, she walked into a giant air vent while pulling the soul of her loved one.

Although her friends were already late, The OA knew they had been waiting for her. With all her remaining strength, she reached the end of the air vent. Another mirror appeared in front of her eyes, stopping her for seconds.

And when the character opened the mirror, she saw something weird. The series broke the fourth wall as Prairie opened the door that shows the real-world crew and cameras of the show. The series ended when the lead stars and the whole production team appeared in one frame of a twisted show.

Perhaps this show takes a colossal gut for one to swallow. Thus this type of show proves that miracles are possible in real life. We all have to believe how The OA has seen the unforeseen. Even if someone is blind and gazes at darkness only does not mean she could not be the light for everyone.

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