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The boys behind ‘Win Jaime’s Heart’ bare connections to characters

The boys behind ‘Win Jaime’s Heart’ bare connections to characters


There’s a new BL in town and you wouldn’t want to miss it! Pinoy boys’ love series “Win Jaime’s Heart” is fresh and ready to take over the local scene with their unique and heartwarming story.

It has a female director, Zyril Nics Bundoc, and produced by Sanny Istudyo TV. This will be an online series about a budding vlogger and podcaster Winston who offers to help one of his female friends Heart to find love — only to find himself caught up in a confusing web of romance. This is where Jaime comes in, a singer-songwriter who bounces back from heartbreak by writing songs about it.

We’ve interviewed the stars behind it, Matthew Francisco as Winston and Allison Asistio as Jaime and they’ve shared with us how they relate to their respective characters in many ways than one.

Photo Credit: IG @matthewmarkf

As for Matthew, it’s Winston’s resourcefulness that resonate the most with him, “Win is very resourceful, kaya he prefers to deal with his problems on his own. He won’t tell anyone his true feelings ng basta basta. Whether he’s angry, frustrated, or in love, Win conceals what he feels instead of going to others for advice or help. He’d rather work things out by himself. I can relate to that, because when I’m going through something I deal with it alone. I don’t want anyone to know right away when I have a problem. I’m resourceful just like Win, so I’d like to think I’m good at taking care of myself.”

Additionally, he mentioned that he picked up a thing or two while filming the project. It’s that life is too short for what-ifs, “Do what makes you happy.”

Photo Credit: IG @allisonasistio

Allison also found something in common between him and Jaime, “Si Jaime kasi, dreamer siya. Kaya sobrang nakakarelate ako sa role ko na ito. Dreamer din ako and at the same time, I love unconditionally. Ganun din si Jaime.”
Furthermore, he too, learned some values as the story progressed, “Natutunan ko dito kung paano magpakatotoo. Kailangan tanggapin mo kung sino ka, dahil at the end of the day may taong magmamahal at tatanggap pa rin sa iyo.”

He hopes that by watching this series, the viewers can in the end be braver when it comes to loving. 

“Sana through Jaime’s story, ma-realize nila na if you love someone, dapat follow mo lang yung heart mo. Don’t be afraid to take risks when you love someone kasi sa lahat ng love story, meron talagang mananalo at matatalo. Pero you’ll never know kung alin ka sa dalawang yun unless you try.”

Likewise, Matthew believes in the power of BL in the country to further encourage those who want to be their most authentic selves to love freely as well.

He added, “I want the viewers to realize it’s never too late to do what they think is right. There’s always time to do the things that will make them who they really are, to embrace themselves and start building the kind of life they always wanted to lead.”


Catch Win Jaime’s Heart on Sanny Istudyo TV’s YouTube channel soon!

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