Star ng Pasko: Timeless Christmas Station ID

The emergence of BER months of the year signifies that the Christmas season is quickly approaching. It’s the time of the year when one can see the streets, malls, and even houses being filled with decorations. Additionally, many Filipinos love the Christmas shopping sales of malls and markets when the BER month kicks off. Moreover, you can tell it’s Christmas in the Philippines when you see the ABS-CBN Christmas station ID. Therefore, this became a natural indicator for most Filipinos about the festive season.

The Station IDs became the trademark of the network; thus making it a tradition in the country. These have always been timely and culturally-rooted celebrations of Christmas day. Thereby, ABS-CBN has continuously launched its Christmas station ID since 2009. With this, they are renowned for touching our hearts and enhancing the holiday spirit. 

And as a significant throwback, everyone can agree that Star ng Pasko is the most timeless among all. 

The Story Behind Star ng Pasko

Star ng Pasko serves as the 2009 Christmas Station ID of ABS-CBN. Sometimes, many Filipinos call the song Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko, because of its catchy lyrics. Additionally, ABS-CBN released the song on November 4, 2009, and it quickly gained popularity among Filipinos. Thus, this Christmas station ID signaled the start of the network’s yearly Christmas station ID custom.

Photo | ABS CBN.

The 2009 top-rated Kapamilya teleserye May Bukas Pa serves as the inspiration for ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station ID campaign. This teleserye stars Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) who addresses God as Bro. In line with this, the Christmas ID thanks Jesus Christ for the gift, love, and unity despite any adversity. Additionally, this song shines a light on the nation’s holiday season with its message of optimism and harmony. 

However, just like with any production, problems and revision also arise in the making of Star ng Pasko. The filming for the Christmas station ID that year was already in progress. However, Typhoon Ondoy struck havoc across the nation. As a result, numerous Filipinos lost their lives and their homes during the most catastrophic storm. Thereby, the team producing the Christmas station ID for the Kapamilya Network needs to make urgent adjustments.

Photo | Noel Celis (Getty Images)

Consequently, Robert G. Labayen, the writer of the song, had to rewrite the lyrics of the song.

I had to rewrite the lyrics and change the story because the country needed something inspiring after that tragedy. I was crying while writing the song on the roof deck.

-Robert Labayen

Thereafter, the management released it to the public. As a result, millions of Filipinos both domestically and overseas were moved by the song Star ng Pasko. Additionally, the song and music video continue to be performed and sung every year. Furthermore, the song gained over forty-seven (47) million views on YouTube as of this writing.

The message of Hope and Love

For me, Star ng Pasko creates and promulgates the purest intention of Christmas–love, caring, and forgiveness. This song offers a lively melody, and above all, it speaks for unity, joy, and hope without being overly boisterous. Additionally, its message is very timely during that year, and surprising, even up until now.

Indeed, the song’s concept connects with the audience. The rhythm and message portray a scenario of when a major storm has passed. It also depicts the real presentation that everyone is still reeling from the terror and loss. Therefore, it speaks to the message that everyone must come together to help each other get moving again.

Youtube | ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2009 “Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko”

Dumaan man sa malalakas na alon, lahat tayo ay makakaahon.

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These lyrics make it simple for Filipinos to look back at the recent tragedy. Meanwhile, this also encourages them to keep a good outlook despite it. 

With all the creative elements and aspects of the song, each image in the Station ID conveyed the true message of Christmas. It is faith and optimism in the face of apparently overwhelming disasters.

Star ng Pasko in the Present Times

I think every Filipino can concur that Star ng Pasko is the most significant and well-liked Christmas ID. In fact, the lines might possibly be known by heart to every Filipino until now. 

Before, I remember that children used to sing this song whenever they were caroling. Also, this song is usually played in public places like malls and even streets. And as I witness through the years, nothing changes. Children still sing Star ng Pasko during caroling. Furthermore, the song is still on the top track in malls and other public places. 

Up to this year, Star ng Pasko has continuously caused a stir in public and online. Even now, it continues to illuminate the holiday season with a message of peace and hope.

The song has a stronger emotional impact on listeners now, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic is still a major global threat. Just like how it gives hope to Typhoon Ondoy survivors, this song lights up the spirit of the season despite the Pandemic. Additionally, this extols the Filipino people’s unflappable spirit to overcome hardships in life.

Above all, Star ng Pasko serves as a timeless reminder that love and compassion shine brightest in darkest times.

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