7 Reasons Why You Should Love SB19 Stell

It’s been five months since the dance practice of Go Up made noise in social media. It is also the time when SB19‘s name started to shine even brighter.

SB19 is a group of five members with different identities but united to reach their dreams. Among them, Stellvester Ajero or just Stell is the bias — I mean, he’s talented. It is okay to have your biases but supporting them as a group is the main duty of A’Tin (yes, without ‘s).

I wrote this article to highlight SB19 Stell so let me give you seven reasons why Stell is truly one-of-a-kind performer.

First, bless your soul with his heavenly voice. Yes, Stell is the main vocals of the group. If you’re into vocal line for sure you won’t be able to resist this man’s impressive voice.

Second, he dances well. Too well that in fact he does the choreography for the group. 

Photo from SB19 Stell’s FB Account

Third, Stell can set the mood. Well, all of them can set you in a good mood but for me, Stell’s daddy jokes and his random comments are just so funny yet charming.

Fourth, the dedication he gives is just overflowing. Remember, when he had this unfortunate scene during the school attack? He even planned on continuing to perform but thanks to Tatay Robin for being one of the best bosses out there.

Fifth, that humble heart yes, not just him but the whole group. Their humbleness and cute interaction with the fans is just rare and heartfelt.

Sixth, he attacks A’Tin with his gym selfies. Well, even if it’s not gym photos, Stell’s visual and physique is just so boyfriend material. Appreciate it more.

Photo from SB19 Stell’s FB Account

Seventh, he is a true strawberry guy. The Strawberry Farm is his home.

Even though we have personal biases, what matters here is the appreciation of the whole team and the bond

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