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Rhen Escaño slams netizens who shame her for wearing bra-less outfit

Rhen Escaño slams netizens who shame her for wearing bra-less outfit

Rhen Escaño revealed how she has been receiving messages from netizens calling her out for wearing a bra-less outfit.

On Instagram, last Monday, October 4, the actress posted screenshots of the messages asking her to delete her Instagram Story.

In the said story, Rhen wore a low-neckline white top. This worried netizens over her getting a “nip slip.”

She, then, called out the people behind the messages, crying foul over not normalizing being bra-less.

In another photo, a netizen commented on Rhen’s post, questioning the normalization of nudity.

In addition, they said Rhen should be a better example to the youth.

The Viva artist responded, saying society should not dictate what women should wear or not wear.

“Pumunta ka sa EDSA, bilangin mo kung ilang lalaki ang naka topless sa mga billboards. Bakit wala kang issue sa ‘nudity’ nila? Bilang babae, katawan ko ito at ako ang mag dedesisyon kung ano ang gagawin ko sa katawan ko. Ang pangit na epekto sa mga kabataan ay ‘yong tinuturo sa kanila na ‘bastos’ ang katawan ng isang babae.”

Furthermore, in the caption of her post, Rhen wrote,


Moreover, Rhen wrote being appropriate should not equate to simply wearing a bra.

“No one should ever have to wear a bra to be considered appropriate and we certainly should not face harassment or sexualization for not wearing one. It makes no sense that not wearing a bra is unprofessional,”

Furthermore, she called out the obsession of people oversexualizing women and saying how they have the right to their own choices.

“If we weren’t so obsessed with over-sexualizing women we wouldn’t have to put our boobs in jail for 8+ hours every day. Women have the right to make their own choices on what to do with their bodies and that includes having the right to choose what to wear.”

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Also, Rhen called out gender inequality in the form of going topless.

“Bakit nga ulit ganon? ‘Pag boobs ng babae ang nakikita, bastos agad. Pero pag lalaki nag topless, kita boobs, ok lang.”

Lastly, she concluded her post by asking people to normalize going braless, as she sees no fault in it.

“Let’s normalize going bra-less ‘cause there is nothing wrong with it. Like if you see my nipples then you’re welcome. Everyone has nipples at okay lang yan guys wag mag panic.”

Preach, Rhen! Let us all break the societal norms on what clothes to put on each gender’s back!

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