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Psalms David describes how art brings joy, hope in trying times

Psalms David describes how art brings joy, hope in trying times

Not all the fans know this but The Clash Season 1 alumnus Psalms David is talented beyond singing. He also delves into painting, as his other way of expressing his passion for the arts.

As a matter of fact, he first developed his skills in drawing before he discovered his vocal prowess. At the age of two, his parents already saw potential even in mere doodles.

“Basically I started drawing before they discovered that I could sing. I drew a lot of people’s faces when I was a kid. I guess that’s my forte, drawing people’s faces, and these faces are all up in my head.”

He started singing at four, to his Dad’s answered prayer. Apparently, it was a gift from above. Psalms was exposed to music growing up with his mom serving as a worship leader. He eventually grew up singing christian songs during Sunday schools.

Psalm shared that art is his escape and healing partner.

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KZ Tandingan

“I enjoy any kind of art such as drawing, singing, literature and even theatre arts. Right now I enjoy acting, singing and drawing the most they’re all equal in my heart. They all help me express what’s in my heart.”

Then came the opportunity of a lifetime, joining The Clash was his gateway to a lot more blessings. He attributed his now success to his faith in the Almighty, as He paved the way for this competition to change his life forever.

“It was my metamorphosis. Life has been good to me so far. I’m still growing and discovering a lot of things about myself and I’m starting to love who I am. It wasn’t a smooth sailing journey but God as the captain of my boat, I know I am safe and I’m unto something good.”

With this Luzon-wide lockdown still being implemented, what’s keeping Psalms busy?

“My lockdown has been semi-productive. There are days where I found myself watching Series and lying down scrolling through Social Media and there are days where I attend online workshops for acting. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of song covers on my youtube channel and doing my best to be active on social media.”

Moreover, he believes that this quarantine is a huge opportunity for an aspiring artist like him to use social media as a platform to inspire a lot of people and serve his purpose in life. He is taking this opportunity to share with everyone his God-given talents and inspire people to reach for their dreams.

Psalms takes this time to rekindle his relationship with the people that matter most to him and to give back all the praise and worship to our God.

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