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Pinoy delicacies and imported sweets from Non-Stop Shop will leave you craving for more

Pinoy delicacies and imported sweets from Non-Stop Shop will leave you craving for more

Another thing we miss during the pre-pandemic times is looking around food bazaars. As foodies, going to this kind of bazaars gives us the exciting rush of discovering new dishes or snacks. As everything goes online, we just have to access them through reliable online shop owners. Let’s get to know one of them: James Richard Miguel from Non-Stop Shop.


Foods inspired by travel vlogs and street food documentaries

James Miguel started his business venture during the time he was working in the BPO industry. He got the idea to be an entrepreneur since he enjoyed selling random goodies to his officemates. He added, “Actually naalala ko pa nga karamihan [doon] utang tapos sweldo bayad. Then, pumasok kame sa pag babazaar so medyo nawala yung focus namin sa online selling. ” As the owner, his goal is to bring back the shop’s online presence by the endorsement of celebrity influencers.


Non-Stop Shop started offering random stuff or “abubots” like Self Stirring Mug, Sauna Belt, and others. After selling those, they shifted to imported goodies since James’ family started traveling to different countries.  They sell them on a pre-order basis or while the supplies last. The OG White Rabbit candy easily became a crowd-favorite!


When the quarantine started, James began watching a lot of travel vlogs and documentaries about local and foreign street foods. That’s when inspiration hit him to create new products: Gourmet Tahong in Olive Oil, Garlic in Olive Oil, Thai Basil Chicken, and Mango Sticky Rice. James Miguel told us how the pandemic affected their sales of these delicacies, ” Sobrang laking impact netong pandemic sa Non Stop Shop kase una nastop ang mga bazaar namin. We need to somehow change our products na maging needs ng tao kase more on “wants ” and “luxury” talaga most of our items. ”


Young entrepreneurs must trust their own products

Online selling became a big help for Non-Stop Shop, especially for James since he doesn’t have a regular job. His income is mostly coming from side hustles so the virtual shop became a stable source of income somehow. He has also an important advice for young entrepreneurs: “Habang bata pa kayo, simulan niyo na kase ang business. Hindi naman yan after 1 week or even 1 month eh magiging stable na agad. It takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice. Lastly, wag sila mawawalan ng pag-asa at magtiwala sila sa paninda nila.”

For those who are interested to taste these delicacies, you can order by sending a message to Non-Stop Shop’s Facebook or dm its Instagram account. Even model-actress Sue Ramirez is raving about its Gourmet Tahong in Olive Oil plus and Chili Garlic in Olive Oil combination!



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