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Oh no, Angie Mead King announces closure of her Victoria Court branches

Oh no, Angie Mead King announces closure of her Victoria Court branches


Like most industries around the world, the hotel and motel businesses have been heavily affected by the global pandemic COVID-19, which continues to pose a lethal threat among people.

Due to the strict lockdowns and quarantine guidelines in the country, companies and many establishments were forced to close temporarily until it is safe outdoors again for gatherings and usual routines.

This has resulted to a huge financial loss in the economy and to small and big business owners.


Victoria Court closes some branches

Car enthusiast Angie Mead King, who is also businesswoman, is a member of the family that owns the Victoria Court chain of motels. While she is currently residing in the U.S. in this situation, it was with a heavy heart that she had to announce the effect of the pandemic to their business.

Her statement read, “To my dearest employees, it deeply saddens me to have to record this video. As many of you know by now, we are facing unprecedented times in this world. This COVID virus has really decimated all facets of life. As much as I have been trying to extend a helping hand to each and every one of you over these past few months. It is with a heavy heart that I now have to make a life-changing decision that will affect us all.
“Over the next few weeks, I don’t think that hotel and motel operations will be able to produce the same results as how we used to. It is time that we face the facts and be honest, and try to prepare for what’s coming. Even though we have been accepting OFWs, BPOs, and maritime crew. It is still not enough for the business to sustain itself, and take care of all of us. We all have to go into survival mode. It is better for us to prepare for this now, rather than ignore it.


“Over the next few weeks, we will be preparing your retirement and retrenchment packages, so that you will have some funds to survive over the next few months. Please don’t think that we have come to this decision lightly. It was a great difficulty. I want to let you know that we value, all your hard work and loyalty, that you have given during my management. And I really wish there was another way to go about this.
“For now, I have to advise you to please look for another job to support yourself and your family during these tough times. And when the business does reopen again, you’ll be the first ones that we call back. I want to say please, stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful. I want to wish everyone the best of luck. This is your CEO signing out.”

This does not put an end to all the Victoria Court branches as Angie’s brother Atticus King plans to continue operations of the others, along with some retrenchment of personnel. This was clarified by Atticus in a video he uploaded in his social media page.

The list of the closing Victoria Court branches are yet to be determined.

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