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Novice’s Fourth Magabook is a timely Christmas gift for the Pinoy creative

Novice’s Fourth Magabook is a timely Christmas gift for the Pinoy creative

Usher in the Christmas season! Gift yourself and your shelf another world of over 130 creative Pilipino minds coming together to shape this all-in-one Novice magabook! It’s a collection of some 400 pages. Of course, it’s only the best-curated artworks, stories, literary works, essays, photographs, and features from local poets, writers, graphic artists, photographers, and illustrators. The fourth installment of Novice on your shelf will definitely be the best gift you could give yourself just in time for Yule. Take note, all pages are in our usual ~ FULL-COLOR ~!

Novice’s Fourth Magabook is a timely Christmas gift for the Pinoy creative

Like its forerunner issues, the fourth issue of Novice also features a double cover! As they say, two is better than one. And, of course, we couldn’t agree more. On the covers of this issue is local artist Diende Noel’s winning artwork depicting the theme of migration. Then, francisgum, an LA-based multidisciplinary creative whose work has been featured locally and internationally in publications such as British Vogue, PhotoVogue, Mega Magazine, and Nylon Manila!

As always, expect nothing less than the best from Novice as it features for its fourth issue exclusive interviews with the writer, storyteller, and content creator Mark Raywin Tome. Designer-photographer Patrick Kasingsing, editor-in-chief of Kanto and co-founder of Brutalist Pilipinas. Aquascape artist Jay Aromin; creative director and graphic designer Sean Eidder. Digital artist Denver Balbaboco; type designer John David Maza. And, of course, cover contest-winning artist Diende Noel, a multi-hyphenate creative, collage artist, writer, and graphic designer.

Novice, whose creative and art directors are among the brains behind the Creatives With Leni campaign and artbook.

As a passion-driven project, it aimed at promoting the spirit of creativity and strengthening the country’s artistic community by being a platform that celebrates young and aspiring creatives who showcase their talents as they make their marks in both local and international scenes.

Pre-order now until October 8, 2022, at a discounted price of P850.00, and enjoy the usual loads of ~freebies~

With Novice continuously unyielding in its mission of bringing to book lovers the fine fragrance of fresh-from-the-press pages, it helps the magazine reach its target of 1,000 pre-ordered copies in order for the magazine to proceed to print.

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By pre-ordering a copy, you not only help the print media stay alive, but you also help the magazine in its outreach programs called The Volume Project. As of writing, Novice has already donated hundreds of thousands to various causes that aim to uplift the lives of those on the fringes of society.

Show full support to the featured creatives by using their affiliate codes upon checkout on the website. Follow Novice’s social media to learn more about the featured creatives and to have access to their affiliate codes.

Pre-order the magabook from this link and dive into the otherworldly realms of this issue’s richness in creativity and inspiration! 

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