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Nadine Lustre talks about her past feud with Ricky Lo

Nadine Lustre talks about her past feud with Ricky Lo


For the first time, Nadine Lustre opened up about her recent feud with Ricky Lo. In an interview with a fashion and lifestyle magazine, the 26-year-old actress shared how the issue affected her, saying how the famous showbiz columnist ‘crossed the line.’

“As soon as he mentioned like mental illness and my brother, that’s when he crossed the line,” she said.


“When Ricky Lo published that article that James is cushioning the breakup because he’s like taking things slow because parang I am mentally unstable and he also mentioned my brother in the article, that’s when I like lost it,” she added.

A sister’s pain

In 2017, Nadine’s brother took his own life. Almost three years has passed, the award-winning actress still wishes she could have helped her brother who was battling mental illness.

“What my brother has gone through, it was not a joke. I can’t even imagine what was going through his head when that was happening to him like until now, I still wish na I pushed him a little bit more so that he will open up to me so I [could] help him.


Until now it’s still in my head but now I am concerned with the people who are actually going through it and who need people to lean on,” she stated.

Days after Lo published the controversial article, Nadine called him out called on social media, “First off, that was so low. Second, none of what you said was true and it is never okay to use someone’s mental situation/tragic past just to prove a point. Mental illness is a very sensitive matter.”


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