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My Experience At Clark Marriott’s Octoberfest 2022

My Experience At Clark Marriott’s Octoberfest 2022

Octoberfest is usually an annual two-week festival in Munich, Germany. Originating in 1810, it celebrates the union of King Louis I to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. They celebrated for five days with a horse race in an open area. In 1811, the race was combined with a state agricultural fair. Then, in 1818, booths began serving food and drinks.

Day 2 | Photo from Angela Baltan

By the 20th century, on the other hand, Munich brewers started to erect temporary structures with seating capacities of 6,000 people and more. And, Clark Marriott decided to bring it to the Philippines again last October 7 and 8 for a weekend filled with booze, music, dancing, games, and all kinds of amusement from the one and only Anton Show. 

Day 2 | Photo from Angela Baltan

My Experience At Clark Marriott’s Octoberfest 2022

I attended Clark Marriott’s Octoberfest 2022 on its second day. The night started with me and a few other media friends gazing up at the full moon before we entered the venue. The CDC Parade Grounds was decked with German foods, tourists, and locals alike. There are some who even dressed up in traditional German clothing — the Lederhosen for men and the Dirndl for women. 

As we enter the grounds, we are given our own tankards and were served Weihenstephan beer right away. Even during the Exclusive Media Preview last October 5, I have already enjoyed the beer from the world’s oldest brewery. So, I definitely enjoyed the free-flowing beer that we had during the event proper. However, as part of the media, I didn’t indulge in it as I usually would. Because, technically, I was still working. 

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Clark Marriott’s Octoberfest was the first ever Octoberfest I went to. To say that I would love to experience it again was an understatement. Especially if Anton Show would be the one who would be entertaining us the whole night. Aside from being musically inclined, they also made it very enjoyable. There were costume changes, dance circles, and people dancing on top of their tables.

And, again – special thanks to Clark Marriott’s Marketing Communications Manager Jayvie M. Dizon and Digital Marketing Strategist Margaret Layug for inviting us to the Octoberfest 2022 and for accommodating us. It was so much fun!

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