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Makeup Chronicles: Finding the HMUA for your every look

Makeup Chronicles: Finding the HMUA for your every look

Each artist has his/her signature work. It’s something that clients remember them by and their chance to leave a mark in their chosen field.For the beauty industry, more often than not, looks really seal the deal. That is why beauty queens, models, celebrities, choose only the best of the best in their craft to trust. In this month’s Makeup Chronicles, we are to feature three Hair and Makeup Artists that are proven and tested by most of our talents and cover stars to do their magic.

Makeup Chronicles

Miguel Chiu

Miguel Chiu started entered the industry in October 2018, on what he described was a very random day.
“I went back home from school with a heavy mind because I’m experiencing anxiety and depression that time because of some frustrations in life, then while I was resting I saw a box full of makeup thingy some of them are old, used, new, branded and fake, that was my sister’s makeup she left those things when she needed to go to Japan so I decided to play with those makeups!
And while I’m doing it from a little knowledge I got from joining pageants before I feel relaxed and focused… I discovered it’s therapeutic for me! It helps my mind be calm.. after that I started watching YouTube vlogs of famous international beauty gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star, Bretman, etc. then this passion, talent, and dreams blossomed!”
Day by day he learned new techniques from the internet until the day he decided to get serious and go to a makeup school, which was MDA (Makeup Design Academy).

No Makeup Look



“After I gained knowledge and was ready to face clients, it’s the real challenge on how I can be known for my craft. I worked hard for that until I came to work with Jai Murcillo, my friend introduced me to him to work with them on a collab shoot in a studio around Sta. Ana, Manila.”
To this date, Miguel has handled several known personalities such as Kapuso actress Faith Dasilva, actor Julian Roxas, model-artist Addy Raj, Shane Tormes (Miss Earth Fire 2020), and Ms. Janelle Tee (Miss Earth Philippines 2019 titleholder).
His signature touch? Letting skin be skin, “you need to keep the face natural but healthy and glowing looking. the secret on achieving that look is on how you prep the face first, how you give care to the skin.”

AJ Castro Jose

Purely self-taught HMUA AJ Castro Jose shared that his passion for makeup has grown through experience.
He shared that he grew fond of watching makeup tutorials online as it greatly impacted his works as an artist.
“Started as a hobby during high school. I worked as a freelance MUA during College (2013) and went full time after graduating in the year 2017. I have joined several makeup competitions around Metro Manila and successfully clinched some titles/placements.”
For AJ, his work entails more than just making people beautiful. One must find their purpose if they really want to succeed.

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“Doing the job as if it’s a calling, it’s like waking up excited in the morning and you’ll never get tired trough the entire day of work. Find it so compelling that I wind up organizing my entire self around it.”
What keeps him going? His source of inspiration: family and his dreams in life.
In general, “I’ve been dreaming to accomplish my dreams. It’s keeping me alive. Parents. They’ve been so supportive to me. They’re my every heartbeat and will do everything to give back the love I received from them.”
AJ has previously worked with world-renowned designer Leo Almodal, Binibining Pilipinas candidates Samantha Bernardo, Hannah Arnold, Justine Felizarta, Gabriel Basiano, Meiji Cruz, and Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong.
His magic is serving Soft Glam, which can be subtle, neutral, radiant, and diffused trendy makeup. It involves wholesome glowing skin, glossy lips, fluffy brows, and warm eyes.

Jericho Valenzuela

Finally, Jericho Valenzuela recounted his early days in the field. He started as a makeup artist back in 2017.
“I was just 17 years old at that time. I was working in Boracay as a hair & makeup artist for weddings and other types of events. Then when I went back to Manila, I joined a team full of freelance hair and makeup artists called JIMRYANROSTEAM. Back then, I started as a hairstylist assistant of Jim Ryan Ros. Then he trained me to be a professional by attending training, seminars, and workshops. With his advice, he inspired me to be a good and professional makeup artist. He also taught me how to be presentable towards all people I would get to meet.”
Jericho has a different take on creating looks for each client. He wouldn’t call it a specific technique but he shared with us that what he likes to do first is to assess before the real action takes place.

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“I guess those different makeup artists they really have their own techniques, but for me, I assure that my make up will suit my model/client by assessing first their facial structure because by assessing that you will know what kind of makeup will suites their faces. And I always take my time doing the eye make up. because for me that is the first thing that everyone can see. That is why I love mixing, matching different colors depends on the peg of the event.”
Jericho was one of the Professional Hairstylist and Makeup Artist in some of the biggest Pageants and Fashion Events in the Philippines such as Mr. & Ms Hannah’s Beach Resort Ecotourism ambassadors, Mr. & Ms. Chinatown, Mutya Pilipinas, Miss Asia Pacific, Mister World, Ms. World, Miss Intercontinental, Mama Renee Salud Tapestry& Philippine Fashion Week.
In addition, he has won a place in the Philbeauty Filipino Beauty Fantasy Makeup & Hairdressing Competition back in 2019.
What he can bring to the table? Jericho’s Signature look is doing Smokey Eyes perfect for the exquisite and striking Pageant Look.

Jai Murcillo

The Makeup Chronicles is the brainchild of Photographer Jai Murcillo. He has been in the field for more than seven years now and has done his magic among known personalities in and the country, including today’s brightest stars Paolo Ballesteros, Enrique Gil, Anjo Damiles, Addy Raj, Tessa Prieto Valdes, Aki Torres, Faith Dasilva, many more.
His works live up to its hype, “I would always hear people say that my photos are clean and most of the time with warn tones… For portraits and travel photos – full of love, passion, and optimism.”
Jai’s love and passion for combining natural and artificial light compliment his output and he’s an admitted fan of doing long exposure on fashion and portraits.

Publisher | Richie de Quina

                   Gwyn Crisostomo

Editor-in-Chief | Jim Reynold Zamora

PR & Advertising Manager | Josh Austria

Produced and Photography by | Jai Murcillo

Hair and Makeup |  Miguel Chiu

Model 1 |  Christine Andales of Farah Model Camp

Hair  |  Robert Nocheseda

Makeup |  AJ Castro Jose

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