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Kurt Mendoza and Renz Kieser welcoming us to their ‘HOME’

Kurt Mendoza and Renz Kieser welcoming us to their ‘HOME’

The love for (Boy’s Love) BL series started from Thailand but it definitely grew a strong fanbase here in the Philippines. Perhaps it’s because of the “kilig” or spark between two male lead cast, the unique plot, and the memorable lines. All of these characteristics are present in the upcoming BL series titled, Your Home.

Luckily, we got a chance to interview the two stunning actors from this BL series: Kurt Mendoza and Renz Kieser!

Giving depth to the characters Bart and Bryce, the two boys who found a home in each other

Can you tell us more about your series?

Kurt: Your Home is about discovering yourself, it’s about two people who are feeling alone and happens to find “home” from each other. Because sometimes, home is not just a place. Sometimes, it’s the person or the people that we find ourselves at peace and secured whenever we are with them.

Renz: Your Home the series is about two wishful people who are lonely and trying to fill up the gaps in their lives and happens to find each other

Kurt Mendoza plays the role of Bart Arceo while Renz brings life to the character of Bryce Fajardo. So we asked them this question: Can you describe your characters and what are your preparations for the role?

Kurt: I’m Bart. Bart is a simple guy who’s living in the province. He’s an orphan but manages to stay positive and driven despite the loss of his parents. I did my research about the genre and the community. I think more than the technical side, it’s my responsibility to educate myself to know how they really feel about themselves so I can reflect on that and bring it to life as Bart.

Renz: Bryce is a city guy who has everything, a type of guy that everyone dreams of. But [he’s still] longing for his parent’s attention, that will find his home to unexpected place and person. [I] didn’t do much of adjustments because Bryce’s character is kinda similar to mine as a person. But of course, I have to embody Bryce. We’re still different from each other. He has a different core and I had to know where he’s coming from.

What made you accept your roles? Did you hesitate before accepting it?

Kurt: The material. It’s beautiful. It’s really the story and the people behind the production that made me audition for it. I really admire their hunger, hard work, and passion to make this thing work. I didn’t hesitate to be honest. When I read the material, I was really excited to do it.

Renz: No, not at all because I want to be a versatile actor. Also, I want to break stereotypes and be able to spread the message that ‘love is love’.

Creating a project like this in the middle of a pandemic is hard, what is your biggest takeaway from this project — as an actor and as a person?

Kurt: It was definitely hard. But my biggest takeaway is that life is short. Take courage. Do you. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you crazy, do whatever you want to do as long as you’re not stepping on someone else’s shoes. And never forget to appreciate the people around you.

Renz: It wasn’t easy at all, there’s a lot of restrictions doing it. But my biggest takeaway would be [to] live your life to the fullest. do whatever makes you happy. Don’t mind people that hinder your happiness even during a pandemic.

The rising fame of the Boy’s Love series in the Philippines

We also asked Kurt and Renz for their perspective on the BL series as a whole different genre. They shared their honest opinions about it, with so much empathy for others.

In your own opinion, why BL series is getting more popular in the Philippines?

Top Design by Kit Enarciso

Top Design by Kit Enarciso

“BL stories are real. It’s human,” Kurt said.


Bottom Design by Kit Enarciso

Renz added, “People here in the Philippines are being more open and accepting through boys’ love stories.”

With the rise of the BL series in the country, how is it important for the Filipino audience, especially the young ones, to support this kind of genre?

Top and Bottom Design by Job Dacon

Top and Bottom Design by Job Dacon

Kurt: I think because it’s about discovering yourself, your true self. About being happy, free, and not being bothered about judgments. It’s about being human. And I think that it’s about time to discuss acceptance and not just tolerance.

Renz: It can be an eye-opener to everyone. It will help [the] young generation to be more acquiescent and to be more inclusive [of] all types of people.

What makes “Your Home” different from any other Filipino Bl series? What is something unique about it?



Kurt: It’s something that could happen in real life and something that people could relate to.

Renz: In the world of Your Home, boys’ love is normal. Everyone can love whoever they want to love.

Clearly, Kurt Mendoza and Renz Kieser are more than their refined features and chiseled bodies. More than serving good looks, these actors did their best to give justice to a great BL story. Because of that, we’re getting more excited to watch “Your Home” and root for Bart and Bryce!









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