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KAIBIGAN, a beautiful polysemous word

KAIBIGAN, a beautiful polysemous word

A word or phrase is said to be polysemous when it can mean more than one thing. It has a variety of wonderful meanings, much like the word KAIBIGAN. This word can be interpreted in a number of ways. Depending on the situation, the word can have a wide variety of meanings, all of which are wonderful. If the very mention of the word kaibigan causes you to laugh, cry, or grin, then it has succeeded in its intended purpose. Whoever calls you kaibigan, I have no doubt that the term has significance for them. That for them it is on par with the value they place on you.

KAIBIGAN, a beautiful polysemous word


The meaning of the word “kaibigan” is profound despite its apparent simplicity. In this context, it refers to a friend. A philia kind of love is a friendship-based form of love that relates to the affection shared by true friends. They’re the reliable ones you can put your faith in and spend the rest of your life with. They will be there with you through the worst and the best parts of your life. Making it possible to get through a tough day at work or school. They will be there for you throughout the difficult times and make it easier for you to deal with everything that is going on. Siblings from other parents. And, a four-leaf clover that is so lucky to have.

Philia kind of KAIBIGAN
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The term “Mutual Understanding” is used to describe a relationship in which both partners enjoy “endearment” but neither is ready to “commit.” It is in the spirit of ludus, a carefree romance, a form of flirting. A playful love that we committed to. In which you and your companion share each other’s constant laughter. They’re flashing you the biggest grin they’ve ever seen on someone else. The two of you have the kind of relationship that can get a little bit tricky at times. But as long as you two enjoy spending time together, there is no way that things could go wrong.

ludus kind of Kaibigan
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Pragma kind of love best describes this definition of Kaibigan, putting it simply, it’s love with an eye toward the future. A relationship that could last for a lifetime. You are both responsible for one another’s well-being. This is a great example of how the word “Kaibigan” can be used. The most positive declaration you can make, and the most fulfilling partnership imaginable. It’s the place where you’ll find someone who is both your friend and your lover.

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Pragma kind of KAIBIGAN
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Where you’ll fully understand what it means to have a “kaibigan,” or best friend, and why that is the rarest and most valuable of all human relationships. It will make you feel like the most attractive person alive and give you the best time of your life.

Having KAIBIGAN in our life, despite of its meaning. We are sure grateful to have them and we always hope it will last forever.

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