How SAP Is Transforming Small Businesses Today

When people think of investments in business technology, their first thought is likely of big businesses onboarding complex and expensive software suites. That’s because only large corporations with equally large budgets used to have access to state-of-the-art software solutions. However, that isn’t necessarily the case now.

Thanks to both the ubiquity and accessibility of modern-day business solutions like. With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can make good use of tech to grow their companies. 

One example of a business solution that’s perfect for SME use is German company. It is none other than SAP SE’s flagship ERP product, SAP Business One. Almost twenty years after its launch, SAP Business One now counts more than 60,000 SMEs. Also, it has accumulated 1 million end-users across the globe among its clientele. It has been rousingly successful at transforming small businesses and making them both more competitive and more future-ready. As an SAP Business One Philippines client, you stand to benefit from the same. 

Here are six ways that SAP Business One has changed small businesses for the better. Thus making it an excellent investment for your Filipino SME. 

It Has Modernized How SMEs Do Business

Arguably one of the things that SAP Business One is most famous for is its role in bringing SMEs of all industries into the digital age. Preparing any business to be more data-driven and more technology-driven is not easy. The transformation usually carries its own fair share of risk. But SAP Business One’s flexibility, user-friendliness, and wealth of customization options allows SMEs to modernize at their own pace. Small business entrepreneurs can take charge of how they want to scale up and for which processes. A competent SAP Business One partner will be able to tailor-fit the solution to the business’s exact needs. 

It Has Added More Value to SME Activities

Many SAP Business One clients have also been able to see returns on their investment. The solution has been known to save SMEs large amounts of money due to sheer business efficiency. It also increases profits due to improvements in the client’s sales and marketing strategies.

As a small business client of an SAP Business One provider, you stand to gain significant savings. This comes from higher cost efficiency and lower overhead spending for expenses like overtime. At the same time, you may find your business becoming more profitable as you fine-tune your sales and marketing efforts. 

It Has Upgraded Small Businesses’ Abilities at Executing Core Business Processes

Small businesses often have difficulty managing core business processes. These include accounting, bookkeeping, corporate banking, inventory management, and human resource management once they experience their first surges of growth.

The goal of any SME that’s serious about its growth is not only to stay on top of such processes. Certainly, it is to get even better at them over time. SAP Business One has truly made that a possibility for small businesses. This is by improving the overall speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their operations. 

It Has Improved Decision-Making Processes for Small Business Leaders

In addition to helping them achieve mastery over specific processes, SAP Business One has made small business entrepreneurs better at the “long game” of decision-making.

The ERP’s integrated business management approach, plus its usage of real-time data analytics technologies and financial reporting, ensure that business owners have 24/7, 360-degree visibility of how their business is doing.

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As a result, leaders are able to make business decisions that are timely, responsive, and on point. Having a fuller perspective and heightened control over decision-making has helped many small businesses. They grew bigger thanks to SAP Business One. 

It Has Bolstered Supply Chain Management for SMEs

Another advantage that SMEs often attribute to their usage of SAP Business One is the improvement of their supply chain operations. It can be extremely costly for a small business to run into trouble with its inventory and material requirements planning. However, without an organized and reliable supply chain management system, these problems may occur quite often.

Thankfully, SAP Business One helps small business entrepreneurs get a better handle on their supply chain management by making it clear how many items to restock, how often to restock, and how to track each item’s storage and movement. The numbers consolidated by SAP Business One can also guide entrepreneurs to see whether their relationships with suppliers are profitable and whether the company is saving enough money on inventory and warehousing. 

It Has Strengthened Small Businesses’ Relationships with Their Customers

Lastly, thanks to SAP Business One, many SMEs have reported improvements in their relationships with their customers. Better business efficiency and better decision-making on the part of small business entrepreneurs also means greater customer satisfaction. Small businesses have been able to fulfill their customers’ needs with just as much competence as bigger players, all while retaining their humble and homegrown feel. This alone is good enough reason to consider investing in SAP Business One as a small business’s success really lies in the sustained patronage and trust of its customers. 

Change Your Business for the Better with SAP Business One

In the best-case scenario, you will be able to secure the same advantages for your own small business by onboarding SAP Business One. Look for a reputable software vendor in the Philippines and speak with them about how to use SAP Business One to achieve your SME’s goals.

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