#FreeTheNipple: The benefits of going braless during the quarantine

Hey, girls! I have a question. When was the last time you wore a bra? Have you been going braless ever since the quarantine started? When was the last time you felt the constriction on your chest? How are your breasts feeling now? Doesn’t it feel good? If you’re like me, then, you’ve probably worn a bra once or twice during this quarantine.

You’ve probably only worn it when you had to go outside for a quick trip to the supermarket. Sometimes, you won’t even wear one knowing well enough that other women out there won’t judge you for it. Well, you might as well go braless all the time before this quarantine ends. Bras are the worst and going braless is comfortable AF! Free that nipple, love.

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Here are five benefits of going braless

For a lot of people, going braless may be a luxury. Of course, this practice is reserved for people with smaller to medium breast sizes. They are the ones who can omit the fabric harness that stops their breasts to jiggle about. For some people, they certainly cannot go braless due to their breast sizes that allow *the girls* to feel comfortable and intact. For those who can, here are five benefits of going braless:

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Going braless can give you comfort

Universally, it feels pleasurable to remove your own bra at the end of the day. With one movement, the constriction that you feel around your ribs goes away as you take off the clasp. Even though you get a “better bra,” it still feels joyful casting it off at the end of the day. You feel free so why not feel this good all day long?

Aside from that, going braless allows your blood to flow more freely around your chest. It also helps the muscle tissue to build to keep your skin firm. Despite that, the medical director of women’s health at Comprehensive Wellness Patricia Geraghty still says that blood circulation won’t be a serious concern.

“When a bra leaves red marks at pressure point around the ribs or on the shoulders, this indicates an effect on the surface circulation of the skin. This is not going to cause negative health consequences in an otherwise healthy woman.”

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You can experience less pain

Although it depends on a properly fitted bra or not, going braless can actually help with pain relief. Tight bras can cause ribcage, back, and neck pain. This, then, leads the notches on the shoulders and on the back. Without the pain that you feel, you may be able to sleep better and more comfortably.

You can save money

Three words: bras are expensive.

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Bras may not do anything good for your breasts in the long run

The University of Franche-Comté professor Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a 15-year-long study into the effects of bras on breasts in a long period of time. He found that going braless has its benefits. However, he didn’t find any benefits to wearing a bra. In his study, he said:

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity.”

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Going braless can make your breasts stronger and perkier

In said Rouillon’s study, he has also found that going braless allows breasts to go stronger. The long-term results of going braless show that the breasts have grown more muscle tissue to provide natural support. Aside from growing stronger, going braless can make your breasts perkier. The same study also says that the nipples of people who went braless have been lifted 7-mm higher.

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