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Hair Care Routine For My Pixie Cut

Hair Care Routine For My Pixie Cut

I’ve mentioned it before and I will say it again, I love changing my hair. I’ve had tons of changes in my hair and recently, I cut them all off again into a pixie cut. And, I’ve been loving the pixie cut more than the other haircuts and hairstyles I’ve done before. Despite having a long maintenance haircut, I know I should take care of my hair. But, I’ve never really had a certain hair care routine that I knew would work on my short hair. 

So, upon research, these are what experts recommend for a hair care routine for my pixie cut hair:

Washing my hair every day.

Shorter hairstyles require more washing than longer ones. I shower every day to beat the heat and avoid triggering my migraines. However, when I had longer hair, I wouldn’t shampoo or put conditioner on my hair every day. Since shorter hairstyles become greasy more quickly, they would need washing depending on how my hair responded to the level of oil that my scalp would produce. 

Recently, Beaver Professional USA sent over their Botanicals Hair Care Line. I use the Ultra Moist shampoo to help out with issues like dry and frizzy hair, as well as split ends. Then, I use the conditioner to help to combat any dryness. The Ultra Moist conditioner has a formulation of moisturizing plant extracts. Dry scalp causes dandruff. So, I use that to prevent those. 

Rinsing with cold water for extra shine.

Aside from avoiding triggering my migraine, I use cold water every time I shower. When my short hair looks a little lackluster, I also use cold water for hair care. I rinse my hair with cold water to add a boost of gloss. This soothes the heat damage that I’ve done to my hair. It can also result in splintered cuticles. 

Combing it less frequently.

I don’t even comb a lot anyway. But, according to Sarah Biddlecombe, shorter hair has to be combed less frequently. Although I don’t need to brush my shorter hair, brushing it through with fingers remains enough to shape and style it a bit. Experts also agree that fingers are often a better to tool than a brush for hair care. That way, fingers can give you the shape lifting where you need to get volume at the roots. 

Styling with hair oil and soothing aloe vera gel.

When I went to the salon for my haircut, the stylist mentioned that I have a dry scalp. When Beaver Professional USA sent over The Perfect Oil Hair Color Protection, I decided to try out another version, the Hair Nourishing – 24K for hair care. It has argan oil which remains lightweight and has a fluid texture.

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The Perfect Oil Hair Nourishing – 24K also remains an ideal for detangling after cleansing. Then, it adds radiance before styling them. It also gives my hair a dazzling healthy shine and protects them against exposure to ultraviolet rays.  

Then, after that, I use a soothing aloe vera gel to keep it in place. I apply the aloe vera gel to my hair and scalp. Working it with my hands into my scalp, hair, and ends, it seals in the moisture. Aside from that, I’ll style it the way I want it to before leaving it to dry. 

My hair care routine might work for me. However, it might not work for you. So, do a lot of research for your own hair care routine. That way, you can feel and look beautiful as ever!

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