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Guilly Valenzuela: From Groundbreaker to Trendsetter

Guilly Valenzuela: From Groundbreaker to Trendsetter

Enter the enchanting world of Guilly Valenzuela, a maestro of makeup artistry. His innovative creations have shaped the landscape of the Philippine beauty realm. With a deft touch and unrivaled expertise, Guilly has also birthed an array of mesmerizing trends. He breathes life into faces and forges a legacy that transcends the boundaries of beauty itself.

Guilly Valenzuela: From Groundbreaker to Trendsetter

Inspired by nature’s vibrant hues, Valenzuela pioneered ethereal floral-inspired looks and bold, sun-kissed radiance. Guilly’s vision and passion continue to ignite innovation, leaving a trail of transformative trends that celebrate the beauty of individuality.

Blue Liner for Bridal Makeup

With artistic finesse, Guilly Valenzuela painted a tapestry of elegance on the bride’s eyes. He accentuates her beauty with a captivating touch of blue eyeliner, making her day even more extraordinary.

Well, let me confess, as an artist, I find immense joy in toying with ideas and continuously reinventing the tried and true. I never anticipate that my creations would transcend into the realm of trends, but lo and behold, they have!

Elongated Wing Liner

Boldly defying conventions, Guilly Valenzuela masterfully crafted an elongated winged liner. He also sculpted eyes into dramatic focal points that exuded confidence and unleashed a new level of captivating beauty.

I must admit that I had forgotten about this particular incident, but one of my apprentices reminded me of it. I received quite a lot of questions regarding my bold choices, but as usual, I believe it left a lasting impact. Many other makeup artists also adopted this style for their brides. It happened back in 2017.

Unafraid to push boundaries, Guilly Valenzuela’s audacious choice of elongated winged liner amplified the allure of eyes. He creates a mesmerizing visual impact that dared to challenge traditional beauty norms.

His penchant for boldness manifested in his daring creation of elongated winged liner and captivating gazes. Valenzuela also empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty with fearless confidence.

High Shine and Glass Skin

While not claiming credit for the concept of Glass Skin, Guilly Valenzuela skillfully embraces it. He bestows a luminous and hydrated radiance that enhances natural beauty with a distinct allure.

While I cannot take credit for inventing the concept of Glass Skin, it has undeniably left a significant impression on me. The reason is, my approach to skin makeup exudes a distinct wet and hydrated appearance. Interestingly, my friends have affectionately dubbed it my signature “Dewey-Dewey” Skin, which has garnered widespread admiration.

Bushy Laminated Brows

Among the many makeup techniques cherished by Guilly Valenzuela, the art of Bushy Laminated Brows holds a special place. He also empowers faces with bold and groomed brows that frame eyes and elevate self-expression.

Allow me to share one of my most cherished makeup techniques, which has garnered widespread adoption. And by “everyone,” I truly mean everyone. During that period, I was aware of only two Celebrity Makeup Artists who employed a similar approach. Nevertheless, I am delighted that people attributed this technique to me, likely due to my consistent application across all clients despite initial reactions from some people who were taken aback by its novelty and freshness. 

As a makeup artist with an eye for detail, Guilly Valenzuela reveres the transformative power of Bushy Laminated Brows. He, then, shapes arches into structured masterpieces that enhance facial features and evoke a sense of confident beauty.

In his quest to stay at the forefront of makeup trends and techniques, Guilly Valenzuela embraces a world of inspiration. He eagerly immerses himself in diverse platforms, from social media’s vibrant beauty community to international fashion shows and beauty publications. Guilly’s insatiable curiosity ensures he remains a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving realm of beauty.

That’s why I always watch makeup tutorial videos across various social media platforms, to stay abreast of the latest techniques and trends in the field of makeup artistry.

Guilly Valenzuela acknowledges that the Philippine beauty industry radiates a distinct charm. This is characterized by a celebration of diversity and a vibrant cultural tapestry. This uniqueness fuels his creativity, enabling him to infuse his work as a celebrity makeup artist with an eclectic fusion of colors, textures, and traditions that truly captivate.

As a Filipino makeup artist, our aesthetic sensibilities are a delightful fusion of both Western and Eastern influences. In my case, I tend to lean towards the subtle and natural skin-like approach often seen in Eastern makeup, while incorporating the precision and techniques derived from the Western school of thought. This unique blend allows me to create harmonious looks that showcase the best of both worlds.

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I make it a point to closely follow fashion shows and stay updated on the latest global trends. I eagerly observe what’s hot on the runways as well as the emerging social media trends. Armed with this wealth of inspiration, I try to recreate these looks but always strive to infuse my unique perspective and add my own creative twist. By doing so, I ensure that the techniques I employ maintain a sense of originality and authenticity.

Breaking conventions and gaining recognition

As a makeup artist and trendsetter, Guilly Valenzuela faced challenges in the industry, such as breaking conventions and gaining recognition. However, his unwavering passion, relentless pursuit of excellence, and willingness to embrace risks allowed him to overcome obstacles. Of course, this carves his own path to success.

One of my main challenges is how people perceive and accept the trends I create, especially since many Filipinos prefer “traditional beauty makeup.” However, I’ve realized that I don’t care about conforming to those expectations. I know my own aesthetic and who I am as an artist. True artistry comes from embracing your unique vision and expressing it authentically, regardless of what others think.

His style and creativity shine through as he effortlessly adapts to meet the diverse needs and preferences of his clients. Guilly’s ability to blend artistic vision with individual desires creates an exquisite harmony that leaves every client feeling uniquely beautiful.

I remain mindful of aligning my work with the desires and preferences of my clients. As a makeup artist, my primary objective is to “beautify” and “enhance” one’s appearance. While I may push the boundaries and explore new avenues, I always maintain a careful balance, ensuring that the final result is still harmonious and pleasing to the eyes.

Faces become canvases and makeup is the masterpiece

Aspiring makeup artists find in Guilly Valenzuela a revered role model. His advice to those following in his footsteps is to stay true to their unique artistry, embrace continuous learning, and fearlessly pursue their passion to make an indelible impact on the beauty industry.

In this profit-driven industry, I prioritize treating my job as a passion. When you love what you do, financial success naturally follows. I cherish every step of my journey, as each one brings valuable lessons. 

With boundless ambition, Guilly Valenzuela sets his sights on an exciting future as a makeup artist. Driven to continuously evolve, his aspirations include global collaborations, expanding his brand, and leaving an enduring legacy of beauty innovation.

When it comes to trends, I prefer not to plan. Instead, I let my creativity flow and eagerly anticipate what unfolds. However, I do have a future goal of venturing into business and eventually establishing my own makeup brand. It is a dream I hold dear, and I look forward to bringing it to life someday.

In the ethereal realm of beauty, Guilly Valenzuela emerges as a visionary artist, weaving transformative magic with every brushstroke. With each trend he ignites, he paints a story of empowerment, self-expression, and celebration of diverse beauty. As the Philippine beauty industry basks in his luminescent creations, the world awaits the next stroke of his genius, eagerly embracing the artistry that continues to redefine beauty itself.

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