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Frankie Pangilinan’s message to her father Kiko got everyone teary-eyed

Frankie Pangilinan’s message to her father Kiko got everyone teary-eyed

For a father, there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a sweet letter from your kids. Well, according to Frankie Pangilinan, daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan, we don’t need a special occasion to make our parents special. All the way from New York, this 19-year-old singer-songwriter really knows how to show love to her loved ones, especially to her dad.

Last Friday, February 28, Frankie tweeted a heartwarming message to her father.

Take a look!

“There’s a picture of you in my mind in the sala, sipping your morning coffee over the paper with your folders and files stacked neatly somewhere nearby,” she wrote.


I am unsure if you’ve already discovered the empty space on your shelf and deduced which book I managed to steal over Christmas (It’s Axelrod’s Profiles in Audacity, sorry), but your mind has been filled with other things, so I’ll let it slide. It’s cold here. Yes, I’m keeping warm.”

Above all, Frankie also expressed how proud she is of her dad for the principles he stands for. 

“As the days drag on and the numbness lingers, and the wordly shadows begin to settle in my still-fresh adult brain. I find there are less and less words to describe how wholly and completely proud I am of you. I haven’t yet said it so loudly due to misplaced anxieties and fear of unease,” she continued.

“People are cruel, the world is beginning to suffocate, there are more days now when the bad seem to heavily outweigh the good — but if I have learned anything from you, it is the immovable foundations of principles and the strength and motivation which stem from the fight for them,” she added.

Frankie, who has witnessed his father’s dedication, expressed how proud she is to be her daughter.

“You have never once wavered. You have never sacrificed even a portion of yourself for ease. And while I wish the burden was lighter, I have learned immensely from your resilience and your continued dedication,” she wrote.

“While to some it may appear futile, to you, it has never been worthless. You represent such hope for all Filipinos, even those who refuse to or cannot see it yet. You are brave, and honest and true, every single bit of you,” she ended.

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