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Diego Loyzaga sets to make a comeback with ‘Loving Christine’

Diego Loyzaga sets to make a comeback with ‘Loving Christine’

After a two-year hiatus, Diego Loyzaga is ready for a comeback. Introduced as the newest contract artist of Viva Artists Agency, fans can expect more projects from him. Although the agency has sent him a couple of scripts, he has yet to be cast in some of them. Loyzaga also admitted that he’s ready to accept more sexy and mature roles, whatever the scripts would call for.

Diego Loyzaga sets to make a comeback with Loving Christine

The sexy thriller focuses on two young lovers – Alonzo and Christine. The story also circulates around their young love and how both lovers will go to extreme lengths just to protect their relationship, as well as each other. Although they have yet to mention the movie’s release, it will most likely premiere on VivaMax due to the closed down cinemas amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diego Loyzaga acts alongside AJ Raval

Aliud Entertainment, one of the production teams working for Loyzaga’s comeback movie hs finished shooting. In an Instagram Story, the company took a photo of the clapperboard with the title of the movie, Loving Christine, and the phrase, “That’s a wrap.”

Aside from Diego, the movie also stars AJ Raval, giving the life of the titular role Christine. She also posted a photo of her and Loyzaga on set, hugging in a pool.

Under filmmaker Yam Laranas’ direction, he also shared a black-and-white photo of the two actors bearing what looked like a school or work uniform. Diego looks at AJ from behind while she stares at something that the camera doesn’t pick up.

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