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Check out this Korean design aesthetic for building that Pinterest-ready room

Check out this Korean design aesthetic for building that Pinterest-ready room

Looking for a home improvement inspiration? Ring in the new year with a revamped space in your home with this minimalist and aesthetic Korean design that’s been getting the rave all over Pinterest and social media.

If you’ve been eyeing that cozy room of Seo Dal Mi in the Netflix hit Start-Up and Ahn Jeong Ah’s gorgeous house in Record of Youth, well, you can turn that dream into a reality now and turn your rooms into a relaxing nook. To find your perfect match, look for “ja-chi-bang” on Instagram or Pinterest to jumpstart your designing process.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to making your home more you. We want each owner to reflect his/her creativity and personal touch. 

We all have seen how people transform small spaces into spacious-looking areas that opt for comfort and productivity. Yes, it can happen! You don’t have to worry about the size of your room anymore as we’ve seen it done. After all, Ja-chi-bang is a Korean word for small studio apartments where people live alone.

You don’t even need to fly to Korea as a local group called Home Buddies has done the work for you. They gathered a lively community of young Filipino who are fans of ja-chi-bang and in there, they share photos of their living spaces, ask for advice on where to get home pieces, or simply share their latest acquisition.

According to founder Frances Lim Cabatuando, “The idea is to make a really small apartment feel warm and cozy, even when you’re just alone. You try to make your small space intimate and personal because it’s your place.”

Her pro-tip: letting go of certain stuff to give way for what you really like. 

“It’s hard to let go of that stuffed toy you grew up with. It’s hard to let go of a gift you don’t really like anymore but was given by someone special. But a minimalist room is called such because it really has a few things! Just the basics and maybe a few unnecessary things that make you happy,” she said.

Adapting a minimalist lifestyle looks good for 2021 as we make room for the more important things in life. This pandemic has taught us more than we needed to prioritize our well-being and assess what we need to do and do not need moving forward. 

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