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Celebrating small and big victories

Celebrating small and big victories

Victories aren’t measured by how big or small it is. The idea of you achieving something is already a victory – no matter how simple it is. It keeps us motivated to strive more and achieve more in life. 

We have this common knowledge that big milestone are the only things that’s meant to be celebrated. So we usually disregard our little wins in life. But do you want to thing the truth behind it? If we don’t start learning to appreciate small victories, then it would be so hard for us to appreciate bigger ones. 

And these wins should really be celebrated.  Here are some tips to celebrate your journey:

Compliment Yourself. Complementing ourselves after achieving something makes us feel so validated. It gives us the confidence that makes us trust ourselves more. Complimenting yourself is just like proving to yourself that amid challenges and hurdles, you are achieving something. You get to appreciate yourself even in your most simplest way. 

Go out and eat with friends. It would be more exciting celebrating your victories with your families or friends. You can share your wins over food, coffee or drinks. It also a good way to give yourself a break from work and just enjoying it with your loved ones with you. A day out with them is so fulfilling, I tell you.  

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Get yourself a gift or something you like. Rewarding yourself is another good way to celebrate your victories. It just like reminding yourself that you deserve that specific thing because you’ve worked hard for it! It gives you the drive and reason to stay more focused in doing what you love. Every achievement, regardless of its value, deserves a reward. 

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Allow yourself to share your victories. Express and share your victories to others, with full excitement! Brag your achievements to your friends of colleagues in a positive way. Allow them to feel the eagerness you have within you after achieving something. In return, they can get that eagerness and motivation for them to also start winning. Resonate them with your passion and motivation, and for sure all of you are sharing your wins together! 

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Give thanks and always be grateful. Above all, this is the most simplest yet meaningful way for you celebrate you victories in life. Never forget to give him thanks and honor for what you achieved. I don’t mean to be overly religious but, you cannot do anything without HIS guidance and your trust within yourself. Also, we should never forget to always be grateful to our efforts. However, this also goes to our companions who’ve been with us along our journey. 

Success begets success. And so to you, I want you to celebrate you victories! No matter how big or small it is, you deserve to celebrate those!

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