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Captain America ends up with the Warrior Nun — Chris Evans pranks girlfriend Alba Baptista

Captain America ends up with the Warrior Nun — Chris Evans pranks girlfriend Alba Baptista

One of the most prominent leading men of this generation, People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, and America’s Ass Chris Evans officially and somehow lightly broke the hearts of his admirers after a video of him and rumored girlfriend Alba Baptista pranking each other in his Instagram story surfaced.

Chris Evans and Warrior Nun actress Alba Baptista were first reported to be in a relationship in November 2022. They were seen together on a number of occasions in New York despite their efforts to keep their romance private.

A report by People magazine said that the couple may have been going out “for over a year.” This was speculated when Alba started following him and some of his family members on Instagram. Note that this was just four months after the actor revealed in an interview that he’s “laser-focused on finding a partner.”

Just recently, the heartthrob shared a 45-second video montage of himself and Alba attempting to startle one another in a series of pranks. The video was shared on Chris’ Instagram Stories on Saturday, January 7, and marked the first time he went public with his romance with the gorgeous actress.

One of the cutest (yet heartbreaking for some) facts from the video is that Chris and Alba would call each other “Babe” in order to catch the other off guard in their attempt to startle them.

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In one instance, Captain America would hold his tummy and roll on the floor to contain his almost uncontrollable laughter after the jolt that Alba successfully employed on him. On the other hand, the actress would timidly call out at him, who would suddenly appear in front of her to frighten her out of her wits. “I knew it,” she said.

Seeing such a beautiful and seemingly happy couple makes our hearts happy and we couldn’t help but be highly supportive of them. We wish nothing but the best for the cool Captain America—Warrior Nun tandem.

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