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BIGBANG renews contracts with YG Entertainment

BIGBANG renews contracts with YG Entertainment

All members of the Korean Pop group BIGBANG have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment.

Members G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., and Daesung signed again making it their third renewal since their debut back in 2006. They later renewed its contract with YG twice, in 2011 and 2015.

“BIGBANG has changed the course of Korean pop culture. YG will continue to support BIGBANG so that they can continue to make K-pop history as a representative group of our label,” as per YG Entertainment.

“YG will provide exhaustive support for [BIGBANG] so that the band can continue to write new K-pop history in the world music scene as artists representing YG,” the agency said.

Meanwhile, all members of the group have already completed their military service. The group was planned to have their comeback stage on April at the Coachella. But the annual spring music festival was put off to October amid coronavirus infection concerns.


BIGBANG is known for their award-winning songs such as ‘Fantastic Baby’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Lies’, and more.

According to the latest reports, BIGBANG plans to begin preparing for a comeback this year.

The group was originally a 5-man group but member Seungri left the band and retired from the music industry in March after he was accused of sex bribery.

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