INSTAGRAM RAID: Jessi’s Closeness with Other K-Pop Idols

Zoom in, zoom out! Let us now take a look at Jessi’s closeness with other K-Pop idols through her Instagram account!

Jessica Ho better known as Jessi is an American Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and entertainer. She was formerly a part of the project girl groups Unnies and Refund Sisters as well as the hip-hop groups Uptown and Lucky J. In 2005, she released her first solo album Get Up by the name Jessica H.O.

Additionally, she becomes famously known in this generation with her songs NUNU NANA AND ZOOM. Many people on TikTok use these tracks to do the dance challenge. She also released a single Cold Blooded as part of the dance competition in Street Woman Fighter.

Other than these, she is also close to the fourth-generation K-Pop groups. Let us take a zoom and look into their interactions and photos.

Photo Credits: Jessi


TXT or TOMORROW X TOGETHER appeared as a guest in Jessi’s show in 2021. She got to know each member and picked the most attractive among them all. It looks like they build a friendship since she called the boy group her favorite boys.

She reunited with her watermelon squad that was formed from the previous interview and called them “My little munchkins.” Jessi also promoted the TXT song Good Boy Gone Bad and told the followers to keep streaming the song.

Other than this, the squad also dances to Jessi’s song ZOOM and TXT’s Good Boy Gone Bad on TikTok.


ITZY made an appearance on Jessi’s Showterview as part of their Crazy In Love comeback promotions in 2021. They got a chance to talk about what they love about each other. The whole episode gives off a mother-and-daughter moment.

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Furthermore, they also both posted a TikTok video of them doing the ZOOM dance challenge together. Many comments said that it really looks like Jessi is the mother and the ITZY members are the daughters.


ATEEZ became a guest to her Showterview in 2021 as requested by many fans. They also shared their talents and opened up a topic that the fans never expected. Overall, this episode is just pure laughter and adorable moments of the boys.

Moreover, Jessi posted a TikTok video of ATEEZ members San and Seonghwa doing the ZOOM dance challenge.

Jessi will bring her solo concert Zoom In Manila this September 30 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Grab your tickets now here!

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