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Aroma Wax Sachets exist and you can find them in this store!

Aroma Wax Sachets exist and you can find them in this store!

Don’t we all just love to cap off a night with a good self-care routine? Oh you know, putting on a face mask and lighting up our favorite aroma-infused candle to relax and rest.
We all want a nice smell diffusing around our rooms because it doesn’t just lighten up our moods but it helps our mental state as well.
Did you know that Aroma Wax Sachets exist? Yes, you read that right. If you’re one of those people who are afraid to burn the house down by lighting candles, these are perfect for you.

Manifesting yourself through aromatherapy

Mahika Candle Magic started out as a passion project to combine the owner Xeaila Sangalang’s love for aromatherapy, candles, and crystals. But the main concept behind it is Candle Magick — a way to manifest your intention through a candle.
“I wanted each candle to serve a specific purpose — thus the names, scents, and crystals.”
Scented candles are known for their therapeutic purposes and for many, these can bring comfort during these uncertain times.
“I chose straightforward names for my products so it could also be a reminder to grab one when you’re experiencing certain feelings of uneasiness and stress.”
Meanwhile, Aroma Wax Sachets are made from soy wax and beeswax infused with oils, dried flowers, fruits, and crystals to fill your home with aromatherapeutic fragrance and healing energy. These are safer alternatives to candles that will give you the same lasting fragrance without lighting it.
Mahika offers four scents that are equally relaxing and each caters to a specific feeling. We love how it’s named!
Soy wax infused with Lavender and Cedarwood oils, and Lavender buds for a restful sleep. Amethyst purifies the mind and promotes deep sleep while Howlite’s soothing energy is a known aid for insomnia.
Soy wax infused with Vanilla and Rose oils, and Rose Petals to calm both the mind and body. Rose Quartz promotes self-love and is known to reduce anxiety while Lapis Lazuli attracts healing, objectivity, and clarity.
Soy wax infused with Eucalyptus and Spearmint oils, and White Sage for relaxation and stress relief. Amazonite blocks out negative energy and promotes healing while Howlite calms the mind and reduces anxiety.
Soy wax infused with Bergamot and Mandarin Orange oils and dried Orange slices for a positive and emotionally uplifting atmosphere. Aventurine relieves self-doubt and encourages optimism while Citrine manifests light, joy, and self-healing.
The scented soy candles come in a big 8oz jar and costs P500 each while the Aroma Wax Sachets are priced at P250.
“My brand promises to bring warmth and light to your homes. I personally make and pack each product to ensure quality, I only use high-quality raw materials and I only put out products that went through a lot of testing that’s why as of now I only have four scents and two kinds of products.”
Each candle comes in a cute and handy pouch that you can reuse for many purposes. We know we will!
Watch out for more exciting products that are in store soon for Mahika. Personally, I’ll keep myself posted! I instantly fell in love with all the scents and I know I will be coming back for more.
If you’re looking for a gift to give someone you love or just for yourself, treat them with warmth and light from Mahika! Visit their Instagram now.
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