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Love letter for Michael V’s “Gusto ko nang bumigay”

Love letter for Michael V’s “Gusto ko nang bumigay”

Michael V’s parody songs defined an era of Philippine comedy for both Millenials and Gen Z’s. Whether it be his one-to-one translation of famous songs or his original musical skits, we all laughed at Bitoy’s surprising lyrical genius. But Michael V not only evoked laughter for his most recent parody. Here is why I love “Gusto ko nang bumigay” and why I think it deserves more recognition.

The tale behind the tone

“Gusto ko nang bumigay” is a song written and performed by Michael V for Bubble Gang’s 27th Anniversary special. For this skit, live selling was the setting chosen, a sight quite familiar to us by now. When Bitoy’s wife left him alone, however, we truly see the husband’s true colors shine bright unapologetically through a meaningful song. It turns out that Michael V’s character is gay and in the closet at 50, despite having a wife and family.

What sets this Michael V parody apart?

Bitoy did a lot of parodies that definitely became modern-day classics. The earliest that I can remember is “DJ Bumbay” which… honestly did not age well. We also “Bathroom Dance”, a spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, “Uh-oh”, a parody of Up Dharma Down’s “Oo”,  and finally “Mas Tanga ‘Ko Sayo”, Bitoy’s take on Rey Valera’s old time classic “Pangako Sayo”.

For this song, however, we do not particularly see the jester Michael V usually is. He tackled an experience and encapsulated it so well that the song didn’t even feel like a parody. Sure, his lyrical wit will still make you smile, but an emotion beyond laughter is largely at play. Bitoy managed to connect with the LGBTQ+ community by touching on the subject of closeted gay people – particularly ones that are already of age. 

Michael’s intentions for this song weren’t simply to make people laugh but to connect, inspire, and start a conversation.

How the crowd reacted

Initially, people thought that the song was your usual mainstream media bigotry. I cannot blame most of these people as a man dressing up as a woman on TV is usually done for laughs and mockery. But for those who deeply understood the song resonated with it deeply.

On a personal note, Michael V’s performance struck a cord within me. Admittedly, the parody lacks any unneeded complexity nor is it something new. But Bitoy’s song told a tale that speaks about what’s unspoken and spells liberty for the bound.

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Admiration for the comic

Yale School of Public Health found out in a 2019 study that 83% of the people identifying with the LGBTQ+ community globally kept their sexual and gender orientation private. It doesn’t help that the Philippine population is largely conservative in discussing gender and sexuality. Machismo ideals ruled our prior generations -and remnants of it are still apparent now.

To Michael V, I raise my glass to you and your craft. Thank you for being the voice when the need came. You’re indeed the man young men need to look up to. You’re someone so confident in their masculinity that you do not hesitate to dress up in women’s clothing for your skits. You’re an artist that understands their impact, and the messages you can amplify on the stage you’re set to perform. From calling out artists who’ve used homophobic slurs to making laughter the best thought-provoker, we need more to follow suit. 

From the allies and the LGBTQ+ community itself, keep the standard high, and we will smile strong alongside you!

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