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A letter to my younger self

A letter to my younger self

Hi, it’s been 7, 8, 10 years? And, I’ve missed you. So, I’m writing this letter to you. I’ve seen you grow; and I’m very proud of you, my younger self.

We may never see or meet each other, but this letter proves I appreciate all your hard work.

Letter of Gratitude

Who would have thought that our dreams are now slowly turning into reality? Looking back you were just a shy little girl who had dreams. You were happy and just carefree. Well, maybe a bit naive as well. But, thank you for simply existing. Because without you, I wouldn’t be here.

Life is not the same anymore.

I missed all those times when all you have to worry about was coloring inside the lines; making new friends; and playing non-stop. You thought your life was going to be perfectly written just like your favorite story from a children’s book. Eventually,  you realized that the world you live in is actually far from the perfect world you have imagined.

Life is about taking chances.

I hope I’m making you proud. This year, I started to take risks and go out of my comfort zone. Thus,  I promise to fulfill all your dreams and thrive to become a better person. From your memorable moments to your downfalls and inhibitions, I’ve learned the most important life lessons. I’ve learned to take chances so I won’t live a life full of regrets. Because you made me realize that if I’m not going to do something now, then nothing will happen.

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Still, life is great.

Above all, I’m more than glad I was able to experience all those younger years – good or bad. And It may not be the world that I expected it to be, but it was definitely great to be here for 22 years now.

So, to my younger self, I hope you’re happy. Because I am and this letter shows it.

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