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A bill was filed to imprison those who cancel their delivery orders

A bill was filed to imprison those who cancel their delivery orders

There’s no doubt that food delivery services are a great help for us during this pandemic crisis. Not all of us can shop for groceries and prepare meals and these riders battled the heat and long lines. However, we also have seen numerous posts on social media about how canceled orders burdened food delivery workers. Soon, there will be a law to protect them from these frequent abusers.

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House bill wants six years of jail time for canceling food delivery orders

Alfredo Garbin from AKO Bicol Party-list has filed House Bill 6958, or the Food and Grocery Delivery Services Act. This bill seeks to prevent the cancellation of transactions from food and grocery delivery service providers. This is when delivery riders have already paid for the items or the order is already in transit to the customer.

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A copy was released stating that violators will be penalized with at least six years in jail. Apart from that, they should also pay a PHP 100,000 fine and reimburse the following: the value of the items advanced by the rider and twice the amount of money charged for the canceled transaction.

Moreover, the bill covers situations in which customers order food or grocery items for the purpose of pranking. This includes those who have no genuine intention of availing of the service which causes damage  to the delivery riders and their corresponding services.”

Customers who are rude to riders may also face charges

Meanwhile, those who shame, demean, embarrass, or humiliate the delivery riders across any platform may face at least six months of imprisonment. Garbin added that still subject to amendment. The proper committee can lower the penalties if they are too harsh.

There are exemptions from the prohibited cancellation of orders. First, when the customer uses a credit card and he/she still pays for the item even cancelation. Second, the customer remits to the service provider any payment as a pre-condition for the cancellation of the order. Third, there was a delay in the delivery of the items for at least an hour from the expected time of arrival.

For protection, the measure also requires food and delivery service providers to make their customers submit a valid proof of identity and residential address or proof of billing. Also, they will be required to verify the identity of the customer through video calls.

So do you think this bill is fair and square?

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