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5 K-Pop New Year Comebacks You Should Look Out For

5 K-Pop New Year Comebacks You Should Look Out For

Ready for K-Pop to take over 2023? As you internalize the next chapter, why not buckle for a drive down a rabbit hole? With various idol groups releases left and right, you will surely be occupied in stanning these remaining holidays.

Perhaps, everyone knows how big idols and fandoms are, if not, you’re either discrediting the musical genre or have gone into a serious case of uncultured living. As K-Pop music takes the big leap to prevalence, the demand is overflowing even in yuletide. With only a week from the year of water rabbit, artists begin to post and update their schedules for the next year. To aid you with a walkthrough of this lineup of comebacks.

5 K-Pop New Year Comebacks You Should Look Out For


Returning to the music scene are the boys of Label V from SM Entertainment. Coined as the Favorite Asian Artists in Korea and the world, the group unleashes their electrifying auras in this comeback. Are you excited for WayV’s anticipated performance for their 4th Mini Album: Phantom?

Truly, the enthusiasm of WayZenNi is now over the moon as this promotion is not only a feat for the album but for the members as well. With their talents and charisma on stage, WayV will surely eat up the music shows. Taking pride as a Chinese-based idol group in K-Pop, Visions are purely gifted musicians proving their mark in the 28th of December.

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Kings are now bound to rule the new year! After the successful Japanese record, ATEEZ is now forging its own realm: its territory. Cloaked in mysterious hoodies the band exudes dominance and power. Set to perform on December 30, the Pirates knows no boundaries to halt.

Their new sound, HALAZIA, will take form in the special album release of Spin-Off: From the Witness. Following the successor extended play The World: EP 1. The Movement. Make way for the anarchists, ATINY!

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After the outstanding all-kill for Ditto, the girls of NewJeans are now off to more heights in the upcoming 2nd of January. Boasting their first-ever single album, OMG, the girl group aims for nothing but more trophies and wins!

With ear-candy melodies, the act remains as a staple for fans and casual listeners. Their polarizing take on RnB has taken them to the pinnacle charting ADOR’s reputation to the roof. NewJeans is now indeed a monster of a rookie, can’t wait for their evolution.

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K-Pop queens, LOONA, has news for ORBITs as the now 11-member girl group announces postponement to the astounding full-band comeback. Originally planned, the release is scheduled for January 3 of the coming year. Unfortunately, from CHUU’s issue of getting kicked out by the company, the dates keep on getting pushed back.

It is a sad time for the group and the fandom but a comeback is more of a love letter to fans at the very least. Part of the members are still participating in the release and will be performing as a group. Support LOONA’s album this new year for more good luck!

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Yup, we have it within our reach, folks! MONBEBEs we can now cheer in rejoicing as MONSTA X has their Reason to come back this 9th of January. Following the spring record, Shape of Love, in April. Slick and dapper, the legends are now conquering the K-Pop stage for their 12th EP.

Collect those points for online votes as the hiatus needs to pay off in big fruition. Sure, we can all expect shocking performances from our boys as they will snatch wins for this release. The classy theme for the music video and promotional posters screams bop already. We can all agree that this mini-album will be a banger!

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What are you waiting for? Live up the first few days of January with the fun of K-Pop. Mark those dates and check out all these artists in their peak element.

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