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2 Things Parents Should Know Before Letting Kids Play ‘Among Us’

2 Things Parents Should Know Before Letting Kids Play ‘Among Us’

Among Us is a multiplayer game from indie developer, Innersloth. Available to play online or in a closed group of friends, it requires four to ten players to become your Crewmates with one to three Impostors among you. Crewmates have to finish various tasks on board your spaceship while you figure out who the Impostors could be.

Impostors, on the other hand, have a mission to do everything they can to sabotage tasks and kill off Crewmates one-by-one. When someone finds a body or a player calls for an ’emergency meeting,’ everyone comes together to discuss and vote on who they think the Impostors are. It’s a game of deduction, betrayal, and misdirection.

2 Things Parents Should Know Before Letting Kids Play Among Us

# 1 | 9+ Age Rating for Fantasy Violence and Mild Blood

In 2018, Among Us received a 16+ age rating for Strong Violence. However, it has since changed into a 9+ age rating for Fantasy Violence and Mild Blood. The game also has a cutesy animation that could be styled for laughs. Of course, it revolves around lying, deceit, and murder. So, obviously, it will be violent.

Due to the game’s cutesy animation that could be styled for laughs, no outrageous gore will be present. Although when a character gets murdered, players see a cartoon-like depiction of its death. It should also be noted that your child can be an Impostor that will have the ability to commit crimes and murder the game’s Crewmates as the roles are assigned at random.

# 2 | In-Game Chatroom 

The game doesn’t have a built-in voice chat function. However, players can use the written chat function via the in-game chatroom. OR, they can also use a separate voice chat app like Discord. Most players, on the other hand, usually prefer voice chat due to its quicker qualities. Either way, parents have to make sure that they practice cyber-safety with the kids.

Sure, it’s a fun game. But, there could be a lot of inappropriate and downright dangerous information being passed back and forth. The parents should know who they are talking to and how to recognize the warning signs when talking to strangers online. Parents could also activate Censor Chat in the settings to avoid the use of explicit swear words.

How to play Among Us

You can only know if you are a Crewmate or an Impostor until the game actually starts. As soon as you know, that’s when you can finally strategize your moves. Now, if you find a dead body, you can either report it immediately and trigger a team meeting… or, you can finish your tasks and hope you wouldn’t be the next victim.

However, if you get killed, you can still complete your tasks as a ghost but, you can’t talk to anyone alive. As an Impostor, you can fake tasks that could help you blend in with the Crewmates. You have the ability to use the vents, allowing you to travel faster around the spaceship. Of course, if anyone catches you, they’d immediately know you’re the Impostor. So, you have to be as sneaky as a fox.

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