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10 Signs You’re the Enola Holmes of Your Family

10 Signs You’re the Enola Holmes of Your Family

Netflix | Enola Holmes (2020)

You may know the famous Sherlock Holmes, but does Enola Holmes ring a bell? The teenage sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, living at the end of the Victorian era. Her character revolves around her own adventures (or may troubles) which makes it more entertaining.

Enola is a complete creation of Nancy Springer who published The Enola Holmes Mysteries, consisting of seven novels starting in 2006. Netflix adapted it into a film, entitled Enola Holmes (2020) starring Milly Bobby Brown, who brings intelligent Enola out of our imaginations. 

Are there times that you can relate to Enola? Here’s the list of signs that tells how much you act like Enola Holmes in your family:

1. You have a penchant for adventure

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

Being Enola Holmes is never complete without venturing on her own journey, even if it leads to potential trouble. Just like her, you have a mother who does not normally let you outside as a child. However, you are raised as an independent young individual.

So, when you reached your teenage phase, you get the opportunity to explore the real world. From then, you realize that you enjoy traveling on your own to another town or city. You find happiness in looking outside the window of a moving vehicle or walking around the area that leads you to your own kind of trouble— colliding with someone.

2. You have a knack for solving mysteries

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

The famous Holmes family is mysterious itself, yet, when you got Sherlock and Enola in one frame, it is all about being detectives. Similar to Enola, you have a curious mind which makes you want to find out and solve every problem you encounter. When you solve something on your own, you cannot help but be proud of yourself. You use all your intelligence and epic observant skills to quickly fix all the puzzles. Mystery, this what makes you alive, that’s why you also love to read books or watch films in the said genre.

3. You can outsmart your siblings

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

As the youngest among the Holmes siblings, Mycroft and Sherlock look after Enola after their mother disappeared. However, they may be sometimes controlling and aloof which makes young Enola frustrated.

Similar to her, you are sometimes annoyed by your siblings. They tease or control you so you input your annoyance into creating hilarious caricatures of them. While to escape their annoying antics, you outsmart them! You leave fake traces to confuse them about your whereabouts if they don’t let you go outside.

4. You defy social norms

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

A young lady living in the Victorian era, Enola Holmes can be restricted as women only have one role— to be married. But you are definitely Enola if you have a knack for defying social norms of society.

You don’t want to fit into the standard that women are expected to blend in. You rather make your own choices to live your life the way you want. However, you have relatives who have been frequently asking you when will you get married. But you don’t want to be tied to someone who will take away your freedom. You also despise that the voice and rights of women get taken away by the broken system.

5. You are great at disguising yourself

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

We have seen how Enola Holmes hides away from her brothers. We see her cross-dressed and wearing respectable clothes for women in the Victorian era to blend herself with the people. You can relate to her!

You are great at hiding yourself when playing hide and seek. When someone intends to look for you, you put on clothes that are unexpected for you to wear so that you can hide. Then if you see your crush and you happen to be shy or unpresentable, you will bow down your head and make a U-turn.

6. You always help people in need

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola Holmes is not just a detective at heart, but a compassionate young lady who helps people in need. You embody Enola for you also have a good heart. When you encounter someone who requires help, you may find yourself in dilemma at first whether to help or to mind your own business. But then, your heart tells you to be empathetic so you always extend your hand to them.

You are aware of your own abilities and how others do not have them. That’s why you put your capabilities to good use and for a good cause. You are also not hesitant to give financial help or to voluntarily give money to someone special in your life.

7. You are bad at cycling

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

No matter how great Enola Holmes is at martial arts, chess, science, or solving mysteries, cycling is not her forte. You can relate to her since you are also versatile in academics and sports. But when someone invited you to ride a bicycle, you always fall to the ground— leaving yourself dirty. You admit to yourself and to anyone who knows you that cycling is not included in your core strength. But even if you are bad at it, you still ride bicycles because you found enjoyment and thrill in it.

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8. You have a love interest

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

Pursuing romance is not what Enola Holmes intends in the books. However, the chemistry between Enola and Tewkesbury in the film adaptation is undeniable! So, you are like Enola if you also have a love interest (edi sana ol).

You thought you are destined to be alone but you realized that being independent doesn’t mean you cannot have any company. You are friends with this certain someone then grow into something promising as you both venture on your journey. You meet this romantic interest in one of your commute episodes where had all started. You still don’t put any labels on it, but it is surely getting there!

9. Your mother is your whole world

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

The mother of Enola Holmes makes such a great impact on her life. Her mother teaches her all the things needed for Enola can be able to stand up for herself. You love your mother with all your heart as she defines your whole world too.

Even though you grow up having a single mother, it is more than enough for you. You are always together which builds a strong foundation of love and care. Like Enola, you are willing to defy boundaries just to reconnect with your mother. She always has the number one spot on your heart.

10. You believe that the future is up to us

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola grow up as a strong-willed and motivated young lady. She loves her freedom and finding her own purpose. Because she strongly believes that the future is up to us.

Likewise, you create your preferred future too without following what people might say to you. You know what you like and deserve. You like to make your own choices and create a path that screams very ‘you’. Moreover, you also motivate others by saying their future is up to them too since you wanted people to be free and loving.

Netflix/Alex Bailey | Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

So, are you excited about the upcoming Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 this November 4? ‘Cause we already marked our calendar! Also, let us know if you fit most of these signs as the Enola Holmes of your family!

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