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YouTube Channels That Motivate Me To Study

YouTube Channels That Motivate Me To Study

Aside from my dreams, other things motivate me in life. My family, friends, and pets, are of course in it but there is something else—YouTube Channels.
These channels are always there for me when I’m lacking motivation or trying to understand and better myself.

They just so happen to know the answers I wished I knew before. Some concepts I hoped to hear and learn about. You might check out these channels if you use YouTube to search for answers like I do. 

Better Than Yesterday

This YouTube Channel shares what the creator(s) have learned along the journey. The creator(s) address a wide range of subjects, including issues in philosophy, psychology, biology, and many other fields. What makes this channel great is the creator(s)way of sharing it.

The viewers will undoubtedly remember the idea of his content because he uses visuals and simple language in all content. In this approach, viewers may have the chance to alter their attitudes and behaviors. According to the channel, the creator(s) wants the viewers to improve and be better than yesterday.

Improvement Pill

First of all, who doesn’t want to get better at themselves? We all dislike a certain aspect of ourselves. It can be our habits or the way we perceive the world. In either case, there is always space for improvement, so we shouldn’t give up. Pills are taken for immunity or healing; in the case of this channel, Improvement Pill, it can be one that has been prescribed to us for the treatment of our minds.


The videos on this YouTube channel are educational. Through animation, the channel develops lessons and communicates concepts to its audience. They offer incredible videos on subjects in which you might be interested or curious. Animals, ancient history, poetry, viruses, and a variety of other subjects are covered. The responses to random questions I ask myself turn out to be provided by TED-Ed. Before I discovered the channels, I had no idea that learning could be enjoyable.

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The Write Practice

Even while it may not directly relate to the channels stated above, this channel was quite helpful to me. Despite publishing articles, I am actively searching to better my writing. The Write Practice encouraged me to continue my writing studies and assisted me in achieving my objectives. If you’re a writer as well, I advise you to visit the website rather than the channel because it’s not as busy. If you subscribe, you can anticipate daily article updates that will assist you with your current assignment.

These are just a few of the channels that motivate me to study more and become a better person. You could try watching their videos and begin improving with their assistance. It is still up to you though. There is always going to be an answer to our questions. All we need to do is be diligent enough to look for it. Each answer might be shared by others in our immediate vicinity or by those who utilize social media platforms to reach out and assist those going through difficult times.

Feeling bored or uninspired? Try out these YouTube channels, and if you discover any others that you enjoy, let us know about them.

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