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Specific (and somewhat silly) motivations I keep in mind

Specific (and somewhat silly) motivations I keep in mind

Whenever we do things, we always have a motivation in mind. It is important to have one so that you can be motivated to do better with what you do. So, of course, we have our personal inspirations in life to keep going. I know, I know. We have family, friends, a significant other, etc.—those important people in your life. That’s already a given.

But, to twist things up, I have these motivations that I keep in mind which are surprisingly effective! Here are some of mine that you can also try.

Motivations to study

My crush doesn’t deserve someone with low grades

Whenever I feel like I should stop studying and just lie down, I want to keep in mind that my crush deserves better. And by better, I mean me. I should do better. Having a crush that is just waaayy above my standards is great. At least I can push myself to be on their level too. Try to prove that I can no one’s out of my league if I work hard on it. This is a win for me too, even if I can’t have a crush back.

My laptop wallpaper

It might be a little motivation for some. But after a long time staring at a computer screen, typing in the answers for my academic requirements, it feels relieving to see my laptop wallpaper. It doesn’t have the words nor any search engines in sight. It’s more like a breath of fresh air saying, “Okay. I’m done. Time to turn my laptop off.”

Motivations to work out and be healthy

Better posture and cardio: “Para pag hinabol ako ng aso, mas mabilis ako”

Have you ever felt like your body is slowly being bent or curved when you sit too much in the wrong position? That’s the struggle I have now. I need to have better posture. I think that this also affects the way I carry myself. A better posture can make my body look less lousy whenever I go around. Other than that, I also need to have better cardio. In this case, I won’t get caught by any of the dogs if I ever run into them. (Yes, I have a history of being bitten by a dog. I have my reasons.)

Ordering salads when there are dinner gatherings

“Beh, ano sa’yo?” “Salad nalang for me”. That one line would create a funny reaction from my friends. That’s fun.

As someone who isn’t a fan of vegetables, it would be weird that I would order salad as I don’t even know what’s in it. BUT, if I ever did that, it would mean that I am consistent with what I want. And that is to be healthy.

To be the future “Fit Tita” of the family

As someone who came from a big family, gatherings are NECESSARY. It’s a tradition to meet at least five times a year. With all my cousins gathering around, it would be great for me to stand out among them. Although most of my cousins are boys, I want to grow old while still looking young. I should keep myself healthy until I grow old, both inside and outside.

Motivations to work hard

To be the Rich Expensive Tita who has a full schedule of meetings with matching Bluetooth earphones

Although it sounds super specific, it looks cool when you’re like that. It creates an intimidating look too. There are many who want to be the “Rich Tita” in a family gathering. I want to fulfill that role so I have to work hard.

See Also

To end the day with a wine

Just like those from the movies and stories, I want to end the day with wine whenever I feel so tired. I don’t need to have a lavish life. Just one bottle of wine is enough. As long as I can rest well after a tiring day.

These motivations are somewhat effective for me. It would seem like I’m conscious of what other people would say, but nope! It only looks like that but I tend to find the benefits that I can have as well. It just so happened that I want to see other people’s reactions to things. I find them funny.

Motivations are what most people keep them going. There isn’t a default on what should motivate you. You have to know and keep it yourself. There is no such things as big or small motivation. As long as it can push you forward and make you better, those are good motivations enough.

What motivation do you have that keeps you going?

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