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True Crime YouTubers That You Shouldn’t Miss

True Crime YouTubers That You Shouldn’t Miss

Image by Bailey Sarian via YouTube

Cases featured in true crime stories are not entertainment. Unfortunately, these are real events that occur and happen to real people. Listening to these stories can be very upsetting and triggering, but for some, it stimulates their curiosity. Isn’t it fascinating to know the minds of notorious serial killers and the motives behind every reported heinous crime?

In case you are curious too, we got some recommendations for you! These YouTubers aren’t only great at storytelling, but they are also helping in bringing awareness and shedding light on some cold cases.


Image by MrBallen via YouTube

A former Navy SEAL, John Allen started his YouTube channel called MrBallen in 2020. He currently has more than six million subscribers and all of his videos are garnering millions of views. MrBallen covers unsolved mysteries and missing person stories.

He also features ‘Top 3 places you CAN’T GO & people who went anyways’ and ‘Top 3 photos with DISTURBING backstories.’ Recently, he launched the MrBallen Foundation whose mission is to honor and support victims of different heinous crimes. 

Kendall Rae

Image by Kendall Rae via Audiobloom

Kendall Rae has been around on YouTube since 2012 but she only started making true crime content in 2016. The first story that she covered is about the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey and since then, she’s been consistent in covering murder stories both old and new.

For those of you who have a faint heart, Kendall also features stories about fraud and con artists such as Anna Delvey’s and Elizabeth Holmes’ case.

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Eleanor Neale

Image by Eleanor Neale via YouTube

Only 23 years old, Eleanor Neale has been a part of the true crime community since 2018. She’s known to be very respectful to the people involved in the case being tackled and would remind her viewers that it is made for educational purposes. Since she resides in the United Kingdom, she would often covers stories from her country that other YouTubers haven’t talked about. Right now, she already gained more than two million subscribers.

With the popularity of this genre online, there are more true crime YouTubers that are coming out. Thankfully, serial killers aren’t a thing here in the Philippines but may we still learn a thing or two from these contents to remain safe and vigilant.

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