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Educational YouTube channels I have seen while babysitting

Educational YouTube channels I have seen while babysitting


Have you experienced babysitting a child? At first, I thought I would be the one who has to teach them important life lessons, but it actually turned out the opposite. I have gained special skills while caring for them. Skills such as building relationships and trust. I was also able to bring out the inner child in me. Something I would not have had the opportunity to discover if it hadn’t been for this part-time job. There are a lot of things we can learn from kids. Aside from their parents, I realized that educational YouTube channels play an important role in a child’s development.

Now, here are some Educational YouTube channels I discovered while babysitting.


Does your inner child also sing along whenever Blippi’s Excavator song plays on the screen? Steven John, Known as Blippi, is a children’s entertainer and educator who can be found on YouTube, Netflix, etc. Blippi explores and explains various topics in his educational videos such as animals, trucks, fruits, and other items. Through it, he is able to teach children about colors, numbers, and a lot more! So, if you are babysitting, try adding Blippi to the list you would show to the kid you are taking care of.


If you are a parent looking for a YouTube Channel to teach your child their first words, songs, and nursery rhymes, Songs for Littles may be the best option for you. They have their own entertaining way of teaching children numbers, colors, letters, and such. Alongside Ms. Rachel Griffin Accurso, other personalities of Songs for Littles address emotions, and feelings, and teach children about sign languages. The show is so interactive and educational that parents won’t have to worry about their children. In fact, it is too interactive to the point that I find myself answering their questions sometimes.


I often hear the kids say they want to watch Wendy, Emma, and Jannie. Upon searching for them on YouTube, I got to meet other kids’ personalities. No wonder why Toys and Colors is a YouTube Channel that features skits. Kids and their other family members play and pretend with their toys and teach good manners.

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Although the videos do not provide many educational values, this channel can still be a good option. They have videos where kids help their uncle do chores, videos where Emma wants to be a good big sister and etc. Watching their videos will be best if there is an adult guiding them. Thus, this channel is still good when babysitting.

There are numerous YouTube Channels that may be beneficial to both children and their parents.

However, keep in mind that these Channels are designed not only for children to explore and have fun on their own but also for parents to find ways to guide and teach their children.

Do you have any other kid-friendly YouTube channels you’d like to recommend? Share them with us and let us talk about them!

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