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Village Pipol Magazine partners with Prowess Supremacy!

Village Pipol Magazine partners with Prowess Supremacy!

Village Pipol Magazine started featuring both prominent stars and up-and-coming faces on the front and back covers in 2017. Since then, the editorial team has always remained on the hunt for a spacious and comfortable photography studio for high-quality magazine covers. With that said, the magazine kickstarted 2023 with a partnership with Prowess Supremacy. 

Contract Signing

On January 13, Village Pipol Magazine’s Chief Operation Officer Josh Austria signed the contract with Prowess Supremacy Production Inc and Budget Journey Travel’s Inc’s CEO and Chairman of the Board Jose Stephen “Boyet” Santos. Aside from him, the people behind the studio also include the COO and Director for Creative and Production Jas Baldoza, and the CFO and Director for Finance Jinky Garcia. 

The three of them are the performing Board of Directors behind the management of Prowess Supremacy. Each of them has their own skills and expertise to share, managing the existence of the company in the industry. This, of course, remains an impressive feat as they gather their skills together to make a spectacular standing. 

The people behind Prowess Supremacy.

Boyet Santos started his career in the industry as a TV Producer. He is also an economist and a businessman. Due to his expertise in those fields, he applies his management skills to organize the business and manage people assigned to each department. He guides them with the knowledge he acquired throughout the years he spent in the industry. 

Currently, Boyet Santos is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Prowess Supremacy Inc. and President of Budget Journey Travel Inc. which caters to corporate accounts and group tours.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Jose Stephen “Boyet” Santos |
CFO and Director for Finance Jinky Garcia |
COO and Director for Creative, Marketing, and Production Jas Baldoza |

Meanwhile, Jas Baldoza is the youngest one among the Directors. She works in the fashion industry as a fashion model and now turned into a young businesswoman her ideas in Fashion, Arts and Advertising Technology made a way for her prowess to rise in the digital era. As a graduate of UP Diliman Para Legal with a background in business administration specializing in Marketing and Advertising, she has more ways to manage not only one division of the company. 

Jinky Garcia, on the other hand, is a Certified Management Consultant and Certified Para Legal. Her experience in partnership with top banks in the Philippines proves her status as an expert in the field of financial management. She handles any requirement and need of Prowess in terms of the credit line, purchase orders, and other facilities.

The beginning.

In an interview with the people behind Prowess Studios, they detailed how it started. 

Prowess Supremacy Production Inc started as a producer of a modeling competition World’s Best Model Philippines, registered under a trademark in World Intellectual property. The plan to have a studio is already in line. However, we did not automatically start with it. During the competition of WBM Models’ first and second seasons, we saw the need for a photo studio and we started gradually. 

Of course, just as mentioned above, the directors use their expertise and knowledge to create something so impressive. 

It was our youngest director Ms. Jas Baldoza who was the brainchild for creating the whole studio from scratch, establishing connections, collaborating with different brands, and experimenting with her creativity. Our consultant Jinky Garcia assessed that the digital era will happen with the rise of different online advertisements and fast-paced technology in the business industry. Ms. Jas Baldoza was aggressively recommending to the board to implement digitalization.

Showing one’s prowess can be seen in action. People take them seriously, especially their own words. Prowess means skill, effectiveness, mastery, and proficiency. All of which perfectly describe the people behind the studio and the company. 

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We decided on the name by visioning what we wanted to happen and what we wanted to become in the industry. We also assess what characteristics do we have to perform it. The three of us had a great vision, we visualize not only the present but also the future. We are fearless, we are determined to make the dream happen whatever it takes. We want to soar high from the rest. And, we possess the vitality to nurture people who have dreams. Prowess is taken from the word meaning of skills and expertise that we have to establish a business. Supremacy is a leader, a person with authority.  The name Prowess Supremacy defines ourselves as Power – strictly, manly strength; then valor, prowess.

The partnership.

It’s no secret that Village Pipol Magazine has continued to feature different celebrities, influencers, and personalities in the magazine through three different kinds of covers.

VP/Xclusives feature personalities that expressed their impressiveness in an exclusive interview. Meanwhile, VP/Spotlight shows off up-and-coming personalities that prove that they got the potential to be the next big thing on the magazine’s bi-annual back cover. VP/Cover, on the other hand, features the prime personality that showed off their magnificence on the magazine’s bi-annual cover.

We love the appreciation of Village Pipol Magazine to partner with us, The magazine is also a great leader in the industry of online media bringing awareness, making dreams happen, and creating a change in society. 

Kickstarting the partnership, Village Pipol Magazine and Prowess Studio worked hard to provide regular and occasional fans with a showstopping output with Kate Valdez on the cover of the magazine.

Prowess Studio offers the following services:

  • Video Production (Corporate AVPs, Advertisements, Fashion and Beauty, E-commerce, Campaigns, Food, Travel Etc) 
  • Photography (Corporate, Fashion, Lifestyle, E-commerce, Product, Food, and Portraits Etc) 
  • Graphic Design & Content Creation 
  • Online and On-site Streaming Services
  • Event Photo and Video Coverage 
  • Talent and Model Management (Foreign and Local models under our brand Supreme Models by Prowess Supremacy ) 
  • Studio Rental Services (300 SQM studio in Quezon City) 

To know more about Prowess Supremacy, you can follow their Facebook page at this link.

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