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Is being an impulsive buyer a good thing or not?

Is being an impulsive buyer a good thing or not?

Impulsive buying is a habit. It is the tendency of a buyer to make last-minute purchases of different products and services anytime and anywhere. Mostly, people who do this say that it is their emotions and feelings who drive them to do it. But, the main question here is that “Is being an impulsive buyer a good thing or not?

As we try to answer it, bear in mind that we only have three (3) choices —- the good, bad, and neutral side. However, in this article, we are going to discuss them one by one as I assure you that I am with you, my co-impulsive buyer.

In this world where e-commerce begin to make us their slave, impulsive buying exists and it’s unstoppable at some point.

Is being an impulsive buyer a good thing?

For those people who like to collect a lot of things as for the reasons that they just want to become ready for their so-called “instant and unplanned celebrations”, then the answer is yes. Since these kinds of people want different outfits, products, and services for different occasions, they hoard lots of items.

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Aside from this, another reason for these people to see impulsive buying as a positive thing is that because they are a giver. They are fond of giving gifts that’s why they always make sure that they have a lot of things.

If you are like them, then maybe you’ll understand their perspective on impulsive buying. However, if not, then try reading this.

Is being an impulsive buyer a bad thing?

In contrast to what is mentioned above wherein humans get into impulsive buying because they want to be prepared and to be a giver, here, individuals experience this hobby just because they want to. For them, they do it in order to ease their boredom which may sound alarming to some people.

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This kind of mindset is what makes impulsive buying a bad thing. One reason for it is that it will just empty the wallets of the buyer. In short, impulsive buying will only make the poor poorer and poorer.

After knowing this, what do you think impulsive buying is? Is it really a good thing or not? How can you attest to that?

Nevertheless of what is bothering you, impulsive buying as stated above is a habit ~ just a habit. And for you who like to buy different products and who like to avail of some offered services, your decision and your purpose are what always matter.

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It’s your money, so it’s your own job how and where you should spend it. Just be wise, always remember that.

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