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Stupid or OP? Off-Meta Builds to Try in League of Legends

Stupid or OP? Off-Meta Builds to Try in League of Legends

Riot Games concocted a try-hard fiesta for gamers in their flagship game League of Legends. For years, the easy-to-play, the hard-to-master game became a competitive breeding ground for players, where rank matters above all. Admittedly, grinding hard can also be incredibly stressful and tiring. Luckily for you, there are ways to enjoy the game without pulling your hair out of frustration! Before Season 12 ends, grab your friends, enter your Discord channels, and try these five off-meta builds in your next games!

Phase Rush Taric Top

The Shield of Valoran can be a tank’s greatest nightmare when played correctly in the top lane. Taric’s passive skill “Bravado” grants him 100% attack speed on his next basic attacks after casting a spell. On top of that, Taric reduces all of his basic abilities by one second. This means you can alternatively cast an ability and basic attack as his combo.

To play Taric top, you need to take the Phase Rush rune for mobility. Your goal is to stack Tear of the Goddess and rush Frostfire Gauntlet, as both items are Taric’s core. Use your stun to engage an enemy and alternate your Bravado-empowered basic attacks with your abilities. Taric is a self-sustaining juggernaut that can delay and revitalize damage with heals, shields, and an ult that grants invulnerability!

AP Varus

Never have you ever seen a tank explode so quickly with an ADC than with AP Varus. His 2nd ability ‘Blighted Quiver’ grants Varus bonus magic damage on attacks, which can stack up to three times. Varus may then detonate these stacks with his 1st or 3rd ability, which makes the enemies literally explode. 

Use Hail of Blades to quickly apply three Blight stacks, ready to get popped by ability as soon as possible. Varus’ main strength lies within his poke and absurd burst from afar, so stay behind your vanguard and let loose your arrow from the rear. Build Nashor’s tooth for the attack speed and AP, paired with a Sorcerer’s Shoes for extra penetration. As soon as you get Riftmaker, you already have the damage to vaporize any enemies that are beneath half of their health. Be sure, however, to NOT miss your 1st ability, as it is more than half of your damage input!

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Midlane Kha’Zix

The Voidreaver works best in the jungle because of his passive, Unseen Threat, so the Middle lane is probably the last lane you will see him play. Kha’Zix’s takes enemies by surprise with damage that can be felt through his 2nd Skill ‘Void Spike’,

In this build, Kha’Zix will be closer to an artillery mage than his usual dive-in, dive-out assassin archetype. Void Spike and the rune Arcane Comet could poke enemies from a distance before finishing them off at the right moment. Stack your Manamune before rushing Ravenous Hydra for the extra splash damage, which is paired well with Duskblade of Draktharr or Eclipse. Catch enemies off-guard with your insane damage, before devouring them as any Voidborn should!

Remember to use these builds for fun and not for glory! At the end of the day, playing League of Legends is most fun with friends and if not taken very seriously. Have fun trying these builds and laugh at the face of toxicity!

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