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Winning In Championships And In Life

Winning In Championships And In Life

Often, elders have negative insights when discussing mobile games. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, and Call of Duty to name a few. These games are usually quoted as “distractions” to the youth’s education and everyday life. However, it is not the same for pro players who devote their time to this profession. Honing both their gaming intelligence, discipline, and skills.

The Captain, The Queen

Facebook | Tier One Entertainment, Jonmar Villaluna

Jonmar Villaluna, famously known as ‘Ohmyv33nus’ or ‘Vee,’ is the team captain of Blacklist International and the SIBOL MLBB Team in the recently concluded 31st SEA Games. Vee has been in this profession for an extended period. He first started playing computer games before switching to mobile gaming. It has always been heartbreak since they began in MPL-PH Season 4, where they ended up as first runners-up. Not until Vee and Danerie ‘Wise’ Del Rosario, got laid off from their team ONIC PH. The duo was recruited by Blacklist International a few months after. Entering MPL-PH Season 7, they showed dominance in the standings and finished as the champions. Vee and the whole team never looked back as it has always been a dream to have playing as their job.

After winning a couple more golds, including MPL-PH S8, MLBB M3 World Championship, and the 31st SEA Games, his hard work starts paying off. Recently, he shared on Facebook that his own house will soon rise in the land of Antipolo. It was surely funded by his earnings from MLBB competitions. Though the famous duo, VeeWise, decided to skip MPL-PH S9, they will be making a comeback in the upcoming one.

‘Best EXP-Laner In The World’

Playing with a dash of perfection in his moves is Edward Jay Dapadap. From his humble beginnings joining tournaments in their hometown, Bataan, to being a pro player for, Blacklist International‘s coach, Coach BON CHAN. Despite the long wait for his breakthrough, he remained dedicated to his profession and mastered his craft. He has maximized his capabilities and played every game with his whole heart to show his perseverance and discipline principles.

Facebook | Tier One Entertainment, Edward

Together with Vee and the other team members, winning championships after championships, Edward has earned the respect and trust of the MLBB community. But he didn’t just have medals; he also had in the bag enough earnings to have his own house built soon. This 17-year-old MLBB player who rules the roost in the EXP lane, though young, has proved what he has genuinely got.

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Welcome to Hook City!

Facebook | Tier One Entertainment, Eson Esports

Mark Jayson Gerardo is famous for his Franco iron hooks, also known as ‘Uncle Eson’ or ‘Eson’. He is the ever and always reliable sixth man of Blacklist International. Back in 2018, when he started his career as a professional player, he still had nothing to back up his name. He finally had his own family a year after, which inspired him to work harder until Blacklist International drafted him into their roster. The team had a bumpy road during their early years of joining the MPL-PH competition. ‘Lose streak’ could be the term MLBB players use to describe their journey. But as they say, gamers don’t die; they respawn.

Entering Season 7, they were the underdogs in the brackets. The team, however, executed an unerring performance with a 12-1 win-loss record, crowned as the season’s champion. It took Eson a long way to finally unlock one of his goals in this profession, being a pro player. However, everything was probably worth every second of hustle as he would have his own house completed soon.

These individuals featured above are just a few of the many who have shown that their profession, playing Esports, does bring you somewhere. But there is no easy job. Success comes with many sacrifices, including proper discipline, mindset, team environment, and management.

Do you play MLBB too? Let me know who your favorites are in the pro scene!

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