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Facebook Games That We Used to Be Addicted To

Facebook Games That We Used to Be Addicted To

Admit it or not, Facebook used to be more fun than it is now. It wasn’t about getting viral or issues about online celebrities. Most importantly, it wasn’t a platform for fake news dissemination. We were only minding our business and doing our thing like posting pictures that we edited on PiZap or making collages with our favorite pop stars.

Another thing that we used to love on Facebook is the set of games available there. Since your friends will see what level you are in, there’s an eagerness to do well. It will not end there as you’ll probably talk about it with your classmates the next morning. If you are missing them too, we’ve listed down for you some of the highly addictive Facebook games that brought joy to our early years in social media.


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Before we officially became plantito and plantita, we were farmers at FarmVille. Here, you have to be responsible for planting, watering and harvesting the crops on your land. You may even purchase fertilizers using coins earned from every quest. If you’re good at it, you must have a green thumb!

Pet Society

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Who could have forgotten the cute customizable pets at Pet Society? This game somehow taught us how to be responsible pet owners since we have to feed, wash and make sure our little friends are happy. As if we’re in a real society, we also need to visit our players in exchange for gaining higher pet status. Through this, we got to enter a world of fantasy where everyone is kind to animals. Isn’t it ideal?

Restaurant City

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You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to own and manage a restaurant here in Restaurant City. Our goal is not only to increase the restaurant level but to serve high-quality dishes. Of course, there are levels that we have to reach. If you know someone who became a restaurateur because of this game, let us know!

Dragon City

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Dragons may have become extinct but not in Dragon City where we used to raise them like our kids. In this game, we not only feed them but also breed and build habitats for them. Upon competing with other players in the Combat World, we have the chance to win gem rewards which can be used to speed up their breeding and hatching, along with purchasing items. Sounds like real responsibility, right?

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Probably the most addictive game that was available on Facebook is Tetris. I can still remember how eager I was to win every one-on-one battle I had with a Facebook friend. It is just an ordinary puzzle game that gets intense as the game progresses. There’s nothing more annoying than getting knocked out by someone who is lower level than you.

It’s hard to tell if life was less complicated back then or if we were just innocent. What we know for sure is that these games served their purpose of being fun and entertaining. Some are no longer available for us to revisit but it definitely remained in our heads. We can always talk about it, can’t we?

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