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6 Signs That Prove Dogs Are Comfortable Around You

6 Signs That Prove Dogs Are Comfortable Around You

The bond with your furbabies is highly important. We already treat them as part of the family. Dogs in part, are one of the most common pets humans have to stay by their side. They are called a man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs can easily like or dislike a person but trusting us completely may take some time. Here are six signs that your dog trusts and is comfortable around you.

6 Signs That Prove Dogs Are Comfortable Around You

Wagging Tail

Okay, one of the most common signs a dog shows its comfortability is by simply wagging its tail. While this may not be a sign of a dog completely trusting you, it is a sign that it likes you. Dogs see that you are a safe person to grow bonds with that is why the wagging tail is important. This may be one of a dog’s first attempts to establish a bond with you, and we may respond to this sign in order to show our appreciation.

Eye Contact

This goes not just for dogs but even for other pets and humans. Eye contact is one of the biggest signs of comfort. It shows that both of you have a sense of friendship or bond.

Do not force eye contact, okay, dogs can get uncomfortable if you forcibly do eye contact with them. Make it natural and show your good intentions by establishing eye contact when they do it with you. Dogs see eye contact as something that they do with humans to establish a meaningful and pure relationship to make them more comfortable.


Everybody loves it when their dogs come to them for cuddles. Scratch their belly, pet their faces, and hand-comb their fur. These are some signs of cuddling and every dog loves it.

This is one of their forms of physical affection. They seek attention from you, so cuddling is their way of them wanting more, or it can be a way for them to show complete trust in your hands and yourself.

Emotional Response

If you have a hard day, your dog will join you in grieving or expressing your discomfort. They will match your feelings and comfort you and they will make ways to get your attention to them and forego the problem you have. Not everything has to be a good experience to know when a dog is comfortable with you. Bonding with your pets is kind of like a marriage with them. In good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, they will be on your side.

Happy and Excited

Of course, when dogs are happy when they see you it means that you are a big part of their life. Excitement can even lead to dogs peeing because that is how much they feel about you.

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Although, they do outgrow peeing out of excitement as they grow up. It is one of the early signs of them being comfortable around you while they are at a young age. Furthermore, we all know what a happy dog looks like. Smiling, cheery eyes, and mouths open, are some indicators of this feeling in them.


Dogs are animals that have constant companionship and family. When going outside, if your dog is not leaving you by your side and follows you even if they see some parts of the environment as unfamiliar territory to them, then they are exhibiting herding.

Although every dog exhibits this behavior, it is more typical in dogs that care for livestock. Moreover, dogs are descendants of wolves, so they have a sense of being in packs. If the dog considers you a part of its pack then it shows that they are there to protect you and consider you as family.

Dogs are a part of our family. They love us more than anything in the world, so we should take care of them a lot. A happy and comfortable dog can make you happy and comfortable as well.

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