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Popular Wattpad Stories That Completed Our Teenage Years

Popular Wattpad Stories That Completed Our Teenage Years

In grade 7, one of my classmates got caught reading Diary ng Panget during English class. Of course, our teacher was fumed by it and confiscated the book right away. I couldn’t help but be nosy and immediately did some ‘investigation.’ That’s when I learned that Diary in Panget is a popular fictional story from Wattpad.

Following its success, it was published by PSICOM Publishing, Inc. and became available in leading bookstores. That’s when my classmate landed her hand on one. By the end of the period, she had to pick up the book in the faculty room to get it back. That day too, I became one of those in line to borrow it.

This is probably the start of my Wattpad addiction that lasted almost all throughout my teenage years. I cannot remember all of the titles and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve read. All I know is that these stories made my young heart happy. I’ve listed down a few of my favorites which I’m sure my fellow Wattpad addicts could relate to.

My Husband is a Mafia Boss

With 204 million reads, we cannot deny how popular My Husband Is A Mafia Boss was. I even joined a Facebook group dedicated to this Wattpad story years ago. It is a mix of action, romance, and humor. The female lead, Aemie Ferrer – Roswell is described to be a slowpoke while her husband, Ezekiel Roswell is a snob. Just imagine the characters in the Taiwanese drama, It Started with a Kiss. Although the storyline is nothing out of the ordinary, the dialogues were exceptionally funny and justified the character being portrayed. At least, not corny for a teenager. 

Photo from: The PSICOM Shop

He’s Into Her

Years after it was published, He’s Into Her has finally been adapted into an iWant Original Series. It’s not surprising that it remained popular over the years because the storyline is well thought out and actually incomparable. Maxinejiji did a really great job as the writer of this. Although some chapters can be very long, you won’t feel any tad of boredom while reading it. The main female character, Maxpein Zin Del Valle is not the typical girl next door and was actually described to be quite masculine. It didn’t follow the common characterization of a female lead in fictional stories at that time, here in the Philippines.

Photo from: Wattpad

The Four Bad Boys And Me

From its title, you’ll already know that it is inspired by the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. This fictional story written by Tina Lata has now garnered 321 million reads and has also been adapted into a series. Since the setting is in high school, it can be relatable to teenagers who are starting to find interest in boys their age. Admit it or not, we used to be fond of stories about popular guys falling to a girl portrayed to be an underdog. We’ve come to realize how such is never going to happen in real life, but at least, our younger self must have squirmed from this idea.

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Photo from: Wattpad

Give In To You

There is probably no Filipino Wattpad reader who doesn’t know who Jonaxx is considering she’s the most followed author in the app worldwide. She has a very solid fan base until now as she remains active in creating stories. With great writing skills and a unique storyline, you really cannot go wrong. The first one that I’ve read from Jonaxx is Give In To You which isn’t exactly made for teens but let’s just say I skipped the explicit parts. It was a good read and I’m certain that it is something that I will still enjoy now.

Photo from: Wattpad

Hell University

Once in a while, we need a break from romance. Good thing there’s KnightInBlack’s Hell University which is a thriller mystery story involving a group of teenagers. It’s very obvious that it was made to be enjoyed by teens and yes, I got enough excitement from reading this one.

Photo from: goodreads

There are things that we happen to outgrew and for some people, reading Wattpad stories might be one of these. It is a normal and natural part of adulting. It’s just good to look back on things that we used to love and interests that we once shared.

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