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Nordic Folk: The Untouchable Music Scene

Nordic Folk: The Untouchable Music Scene

Nordic folk, a non-mainstream musical genre birthed by the creative minds of Scandinavia, continues its legacy while preserving its own unique element. Despite not dominating the mainstream music scene, this genre has definitely garnered a significant amount of listeners, mostly from the metal community.

Heilung @amplifiedhistory on Instagram

Its roots come from an ancient Scandinavian culture with influences of artistic European elements. It is hauntingly beautiful, naked, and raw. It highlights vocals accompanied by traditional and ceremonial-sounding tunes. Nordic folk music can take you into the wilderness, experiencing the thrill of ancient battlefields and woes and yet, it can also take you into a state of absolute tranquility. Essentially, it is like the calm and the storm in one.

How is this genre untouchable?

The native elements that this genre possesses make it unique. Compared to most genres that transform themselves to adapt to the ever-changing music industry, Nordic folk will remain as it is. This is considering its deep connection to its origin. After all, ancient cultures and traditions are bound to live on. Hence, this untouchable music scene.

People usually refer to it as Viking music, made popular by a few musical groups in Scandinavia and across Europe. Some of which are Wardruna, Danheim, SKALD, Heilung, and Garmarna. These musical groups create astonishing music you won’t hear anywhere else. Pure vocals, astounding instrumentals, and haunting melodies are what they bless our ears with.

If you haven’t tried listening to Viking music yet, don’t miss out and check out these amazing untouchable groups that might just be your guilty pleasure.

  • Wardruna
Helvegen by Wardruna

A Norwegian music group formed by Einar Selvik, Lindy Fay Hella, and Gaahl of Gorgoroth in 2003. They create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. This amazing band also uses Nordic historical and traditional instruments along with the sound of nature in creating their music.

  • Garmarna
Herr Mannelig by Garmarna

Hailed as one of the most important Swedish folk bands creating medieval ballads. Garmarna was founded in 1990 and is inspired by old Swedish music. This band continuously promotes traditional Swedish folk music while incorporating its unique musical ideas in each song.

See Also

  • Heilung
Heilung performing Krigsgaldr live

Heilung is a band formed by musicians from Denmark, Norway, and Germany. They make extraordinary folk music based on texts and runic inscriptions from Germanic references of the Bronze Age, Iron, Age, and Viking Age. They describe their music as “amplified history from early medieval northern Europe.”

Rún by SKÁLD

A French Nordic folk music group formed in 2018. Their music features heavy Norse influences, making use of traditional instruments. The themes they use are central to Scandinavian culture. Additionally, SKÁLD incorporates the Old Norse language in their music.

  • Danheim
Berserkir by Danheim

Danheim is a project by Danish producer Mike Olsen inspired by Nordic Folk and Viking culture. Their music is based on dark stories from the Viking period, old Danish folklore, and Norse mythology. Olsen’s Danheim is one of the most important figures that promoted Nordic folk music and its origins around the world.

Nordic folk, which is profoundly affected by ancient history and culture, is sustained by intense artistic endeavor and knowledge, keeping its distinctive cultural aesthetic and medieval fashion intact. The amount of thought and attention in every song is so evident. There’s just so much artistry and love for their culture. To be inspired by elements going back in ancient times and to share them with the modern world is peak artistry. No wonder this genre remains authentic and untouchable.

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