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Listing down one-hit wonders that are still a bop today

Listing down one-hit wonders that are still a bop today

Countless artists graced us with one-hit wonders that the world definitely collectively agreed as a total bop. Some one-hit wonders live as far as still being a cool jam for a decade but some are simply too good! We can totally bang our heads to the beat of it for ages! Give yourself a favor and add these tracks to your dance-y playlist.

Listing down one-hit wonders that are still a bop today

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

Teenage Dirtbag proved that its sick beat is timeless with the recent popularity it gained on TikTok. The two-decade-old song became a TikTok sound that challenges app users to show off their best teenage dirtbag photos. The song’s resurfacing in the public’s limelight created controversies regarding its “inappropriate” music video. But all that aside, we can’t deny that this one-hit wonder remains a total bop even 22 years in!

Stacy’s Mom – Fountains Of Wayne

Stacy’s Mom is the most fitting song to serenade them MILFs. It is a playlist staple for any pop-punk scene house party and it remains a total bop today. 2000s kids who are now adults even go as far as naming their child Stacy! It just proves how this song is a bop because of its funny lyrics and cool beats.

The Best Of Me – The Starting Line

The Starting Line gave us a handful of cool tracks and Best of Me is one of those! This song’s presence is on countless party playlists that are made today. This one-hit wonder is still a song loved by many even more than a decade after its release.

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Absolutely (Story of a girl) – Nine Days

Absolutely (Story of a Girl) is a classic story of the pretty and mysterious girl next door. A trope that is as timeless as the song itself.

Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry

Save Tonight can be a fitting song for growing up, leaving, evolving, and growing. This is why it stays a relatable song even up to this day.

Which of these on-hit wonders will you add to your playlist? What cool one-hit wonders do you think we missed?

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