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Malagos Garden Resort: The weekend day tour package

Malagos Garden Resort: The weekend day tour package

A one-of-a-kind resort that has everything you need for a relaxing vacation! Perfect for the family or for couples as a getaway from the mundane. You can even avail of their day tour package if you only have a day to relax.

Photo Credits | Facebook: Malagos Garden Resort Davao

Malagos Garden Resort: The weekend day tour package

Malagos Garden Resort is located at Baguio District, Calinan-Baguio-Cadalian Rd, Davao City. In the weekend package, there are 7 locations that are available to visit.

A chance to pet and feed farm animals and birds

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Start the morning with a visit to the petting zoo. Feed the goats, horses, and ducks for an additional fee or just pet them and take pictures with them. Afterward, visit the bird feeding dome to touch and feed the birds from your hand and arm.

Interactive bird show

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

At 10:30 AM, head on to the amphitheater for the longest-running interactive bird show in the Philippines. Started in 2002 by Dr. Bo, it is now in its 20th year. For about an hour, attend the Malagos bird school as your teachers, the birds, educate you about themselves, climate change, recycling, and waste management.

Lunch at the Coral Pavilion

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

After such an exciting show, go to the Coral Pavilion for lunch where an all-you-can-eat buffet is served. From breakfast, rice meals, pasta dishes, and desserts, it has everything you would want and more! Stuff yourself up as the day has just begun. Eat heartily as they serenade you with live woodwind music onstage.

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The art of Malagos chocolate

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Not far from Coral Pavilion is the Malagos chocolate museum. Learn the history of chocolate and chocolate making in the country with the sweet scent of chocolate wafting in the air. At the end of the tour, you can buy homegrown chocolate and chocolate snacks from the bar. Explore and make your own at the Chocolate Laboratory for PHP 499 per 200 grams or PHP 299 for 100 grams.

An afternoon with the butterflies

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Do not forget to go through the butterfly domes. Marvel at the beauty of the butterflies and the sweet smell of flowers as they greet you in every dome. Explore with care and take pictures of them as they flutter from flower to flower. Visit Museo de Mariposa to know more about the butterflies you have seen in the domes. Full of butterfly facts and framed butterflies for you to get a closer look at and learn more about the pretty insects that help pollinate our flowers.

For more inquiries and information, visit the Malagos Garden Resort Facebook page or their site.

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