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SEVENTEEN is set to release a new album repackage, ‘Sector 17’

SEVENTEEN is set to release a new album repackage, ‘Sector 17’

K-POP boy group SEVENTEEN is set to make a comeback next month with a repackaged version of their 4th Studio album.

SEVENTEEN announced that they will be releasing their repackage album entitled “Sector 17″ on July 18, 2022.

The announcement is made at the end of the group’s “Be The Sun” day 2 concert in Seoul, South Korea on June 26. SEVENTEEN announced that they would soon be returning with a repackaged version of their latest album, ‘Face The Sun’.

On June 27, Pledis Entertainmen officially released the first teaser of the group’s forthcoming release.

Additionally, on June 28, SEVENTEEN released the promotion scheduler for Sector 17.

Face The Sun

This is just one month after they released their 4th Studio Album, Face The Sun.

Face The Sun is the group’s first album for the year 2022. And they released in this album their first English-Language single as a group entitled, Darl+ing. Darl+ing was a pre-release single in April 2022. While, it was on May 27, 2022 when the Face The Sun album with the song Hot as a title single was officially released.

What to expect with Sector 17?

Fans can expect the songs from Face The Sun as part of the Sector 17’s tracklist, with just additional new songs.

Also, physical albums covers, photocards, and posters are what fans should check out. Sector 17 will surely have a different album covers and versions, different photocards and posters.

Other repackaged and special albums by SEVENTEEN

Sector 17 will be their 4th album repackage. The other three repackaged albums are:

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Love & Letter Repackage

This album is the Repackage Version of Love & Letter, which came out on April 25, 2016. It contains extra songs and the ones of Love & Letter, that making it a Full Album with 15 Tracks. Also, this is SEVENTEEN’s first repackage album.

Director’s Cut

This is the first special album by SEVENTEEN. It was released on February 5, 2018 with “THANKS” serving as the title track. The album contains all their songs from 2nd full album, Teen, Age and four new songs. So, this makes the album seems like a repackaged album however, SEVENTEEN promoted it as a special album.


Like Director’s Cut, Semicolon is a special album. However, unlike the first special album, this album only contains new songs. The group released this special album on October 19, 2020 with the title track, HOME;RUN.

Sector 17 will be their newest special and repackaged album after 2 years. Tracklist and other details are yet to be announced (check promotion scheduler for Sector 17)

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