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Here are a few songs that can express your six basic emotions

Here are a few songs that can express your six basic emotions

Have you ever had a song where you would just go “This is EXACTLY what I feel now” but not realize it beforehand? It’s like it came through your mind only after hearing that song.

American Psychologist Paul Ekman made a theory that suggests that we have six basic emotions – happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust.

These emotions are triggered by different factors such as past experiences, social interactions, physical events, and more. Music, for that matter, affects the emotion that we have. It can trigger something in us or intensifies what we currently feel.  

Here are a few songs that can express your six basic emotions:


Ten Days – Missy Higgins – When you’re sad about a break–up with someone you still love.

Spaces – Martti Franca – When you imagine someone you like being with someone else. This practically begs the other to give you some space in their hearts.

Easy-going millions – Ez Mill – When you feel like you’re not enough and feeling disappointed with yourself. This sounds like an apology for disappointing their mother for being this way.

Forget me nots – James Spiteri – Although this is a piano piece than a song, it sparks sadness with its sound. If you listen to it, it felt like all that sadness can be felt throughout the song.


Juice – Lizzo – When you feel so happy and proud of yourself.

Hello – JOY – When you start your mornings happily.

Paper Rings – Taylor Swift – Being happily in love with someone.

NANANA – GOT7 – Being giddy that you made your crush smile.


Getting older – Billie Eillish – fear of getting older.

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Amnesia – 5 seconds of Summer – fear of losing someone and remembering how it feels.



I disagree – Poppy – When you don’t agree with someone they believe.

In the end – Linkin Park – When you’re angry about how you tried so hard but, in the end, it doesn’t even matter.


Reject – Green Day – being disgusted by the person who thinks their so important.

No Scrubs – TLC – Basically just don’t want anything to do with a guy in scrubs.

Songs can really be able to describe your feeling. Sometimes, they can even trigger emotions or intensifies them with just the melody or lyrics. There are just some that make so much sense that you don’t even realize it.

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