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INSTAGRAM RAID: Flashback to Nica Del Rosario’s Wedding Day

INSTAGRAM RAID: Flashback to Nica Del Rosario’s Wedding Day

Nica del Rosario, the singer-songwriter who made headlines because of her hit compositions ‘Tala’ and ‘Rosas,’ previously exchanged vows with her partner, actress Justine Peña. The wedding transpired in Sydney, Australia, last August, just a few days after they flew the land down under. As intimate as it could be, their families witness the couple’s magical day.

According to Nica, there were a lot of people to be thankful for. But among them were photographers Mark Paulson and James Day. The musician revealed how these two were kind and talented enough to capture the ceremony’s breathtaking memories. “We cannot thank you enough, Mark & James! Thank you for your talent, kindness & heart,” Nica wrote on her Instagram account.

The lovely brides were seen in their wedding photos wearing matchy, all-white dresses. Both of them ensured that the clothing pieces were in accordance with their personal styles and preferences. As Nica picked a full-length, v-neck dress paired with a bright white blazer, her significant other, Justine, on the other hand, decided to have a bustier outfit, which comes with an overlay skirt and lovely sheer puff sleeves. For certain, these two are one of the best pairs!

Nica and Justine did not hesitate to give the public a glimpse of their Sydney trip. On Instagram, they posted photos of them smiling from ear to ear as they visited Luna Park and played games. “Teaser muna charot. Right before our wedding, we ran around Luna Park to play some games (I won a toy basketball court!), eat hot dogs, and ride some rides (hilong-hilo ako!),” the former happily shared. She added: The park reminded us of Coney Island, one of our favorite places ever, and made us feel like kids again (although we feel like kids naman all the time huehue).

Nica cannot help but reminisce how the distant sun literally presented itself during their wedding following “one obstacle after another.” Right then and then, the newlyweds proved that, indeed, love wins. Many heartfelt congratulatory greetings came in for Nica and Justine, mostly from family and friends in the industry.

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